USA foreign policy is forceful in nature

USA foreign policy is forceful, and selfish in nature but based on the principles of liberty, equality, and freedom which are the needs of hour for a better world and beautiful humanity.
Economic crisis has hit all the nations and precisely United States of America but the economic crisis has no real effect on its foreign policy, and USA foreign policy is strong and stable as ever but has become bit more dramatic and strategic in its gesturing looks. Be it with super power nation ‘China’ or a business play card like ‘Tibet’ or war waged areas like Iraq and Afghanistan.
USA is so powerful because of not only its weapon and economic powers but because of its genuine sense and system of democracy. Every nation fears of USA, and every nation depends on USA directly or indirectly.
The power of USA can be easily understood from its open wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, and the global tags that they give like ‘global terrorists’ immediately after the attacks on USA. Actually, there is no point of universally tagging OSAMA as global terrorist because he attacked on USA, not on all the nations of the world, but governments of the world do accept it because it is tagged by USA.
United States of America always plays the Tom and Jerry game with all the nations and USA always wants to be the Jerry in the game, and it is plausibly a matter of USA’s foreign policy whether USA can be the Jerry in the game or not.

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