RSS rally urge scrapping of Article 370

BANGALORE —Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members and supporters are organizing motorbike rallies this month in protest against the UPA government’s stand on Kashmir.

Thousands of RSS members rallying the city
The rallies, held each Sunday, take place in and around Bangalore. The latest one, in Malleswaram, was attended by 12,000 people. At the event, Hindu leaders criticized the UPA government for indicating it may surrender to the terms and conditions of separatists in Kashmir.
RSS president and its members singing Venda Mataram
One speaker, Prof. Karunakara Rai of NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology, warned of the possible consequences of separation.

“We can’t give up Jammu and Kashmir,” he said. “If we give independence status to Jammu and Kashmir, then we have to give independent status to several other states of our country.”

Keshava Hegade, the regional organizing secretary for the rally, also raised the issue of Kashmir’s legal status. “Article 370 of Indian Constitution grants special autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Because of this special reserved status, they are feeling that they are so special from the rest of the country, and now they are asking for a separate independent state.”

“Instead of granting an independent state, we have to remove Article 370, and treat Kashmir like any other state of the country.” Keshava said. “Kashmir is an integral part of India, and it will be a part of India.”

Keshava went on to argue that Kashmir is rightly a part of India because the country and region share an ancient cultural relationship.

He also blamed what he called a “Pakistani conspiracy” and a lack of political resolve in India for the driving of more than 7,000 of Kashmiri Hindus from their homes.
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