Two More Years

Description of the book, Two More Years

Every year hundreds of Tibetans flee from Tibet. For many of them, getting to see the Tibetan spiritual leader,
the Dalai Lama, or the opportunity to study under the guidance of the Tibetan spiritual leader is their lifelong dream.  
For that they risk their lives by crossing the Himalayan Mountains for weeks, and sometimes for months. As Tendar Tsering dedicates his book to 
Kelsang Namtsowho died in an open fire by the Chinese border patrol in 2006, many Tibetans feeling Tibet often become victims of the Chinese border patrol, or die in anonymity of frostbite or hunger during this perilous journey. 
Tendar Tsering is one of them. At the mere age of twelve, he embarked on a difficult decision to leave his family in Tibet and cross the Himalayan Mountains to study in India. This is the story of his life thereafter.  

Praises for Two More Years

"Tendar's story is the story of thousands of Tibetan children enduring harrowing experience while escaping from Tibet for a better life in exile," Dorjee Damdul, editor, Radio Free Asia.

"Two More Years is a moving page-turner. There may be more polished accounts of what it requires, and what it means, to escape from Tibet, to make a life as an exile, but surely none more heartfelt,” Mark Austin, NHK and former visiting professor at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media.

In this moving and riveting account of one man's journey across geographical and political lines--what shines brightest is the authenticity and heart of the story being told,” Nhia Moua, a creative writing student at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul.
“This unassuming heartfelt memoir about facing fear in pursuit of freedom jerks at my heartstrings, and fills my eyes with tears of hope as this brave adolescent partakes on a journey that will change his life forever. Two More Years sheds light on how despair resides in the distance between family members, yet memories squelch the sadness and a bittersweet life remains. Two More Years invites a new day into all of our lives, and in so doing a meaningful story of friendship and freedom abounds. This quick yet memorable read stays within the confines of the human spirit a long time after its final page.”— Suzanne Nielsen, professor of creative writing at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul.

“Tendar Tsering has quite a story to tell; his book Two More Years brings alive his small village high in the Tibetan mountains as well as the many aspects of his heartbreaking journey away from his homeland. Courage is not a word this humble author applies to himself, but as a reader it is a quality you see in him from the outset. His journey speaks of exile, of the pain of leaving a homeland and family there is no guarantee he will ever see again, of immigration. It is the story of a child who, like many young people the world over, would go through incredible hardship to attain what in many parts of the world is promised: an education. This relatively quick read (150 pages) will take readers on a journey filled with courage and fascinating, exotic landscapes. Tsering has travelled a path full of surprising twists and turns, from a small remote village in Tibet to the United States; what he never loses track of is how the sky connects us all.”—Patricia Hoolihan, author of Storm Prayers: Retrieving and Reimagining Matters of the Soul.

"The book moves and even more when you know the author personally. Tendar and I worked together some years ago and by Jove, this book is all Tendar. The sensitivity that Tendar displayed as an individual and his insightful understanding of things, all come across in the book. Tender's simple language hits the right chord especially while describing his arduous journey - the pain feels totally real. The anecdotes that are cleverly strewn all over give the book the warm, personal touch. His conversation with his mother when he is told about his grandfather's death tops the list definitely. The language is very simple but that is what I remember about Tendar too. In all, a good book to read - there is so much more to the Tibet story than what traditional news sources feed us every day."-- Lajwanti D' Souza, former editor at MiD Day. 

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