Ramesh’s stance or India’s stance in the Climate summit in Cancun

Sorry, for being cynical and critical, but to be honest, personally, I see Jairam Ramesh is not at all an environmental activist but rather than just a politicized minister.
Whether, it is his travel to China last year or his participant in the climate summit in Cancun or Copenhagen, the role that he plays is just a minister with much political strategies in his mind. But still then, he was criticized by the government when he wrote a letter to the government concluding that he walked a thin line at the UN climate summit in Cancun.
It seems that he is just a messenger of the major politicians back in India and he was not supposed to say what the meetings back in his home government said not to do so. And this time, it seems, he crossed the line a little.
Across in the sense, he compromised the interests of his nation for the environmental safety of the whole world.
Mr. Ramesh rings the bell of controversy where ever he visits on the behalf of Indian government. Last year, he went to China and of course, discussed about the climate issue apart from business and all, and at that time, he unnecessarily sold his own government by saying that the home minister Mr. Chidambaram is very much critical towards the Chinese policy and the home minister is very much against the Chinese companies being setting up in India.
Actually, he is an able and intelligent minister but always comes up with controversies where ever he visits.
Well, India's stance on the climate summit has not changed at all, and it is as same as ever. I see there is no point of changing the climate stance, because, India needs development and infrastructure. For that, India can't compromise as much as other developed nations do.
It is completely unfair and injustice to bring up such climate issues when the developing countries like China and India are rising up and challenging the developed nations.
Climate is a natural procedure more or less and in reality, human beings never can over rule the nature. It is the nature which rules us all, and nature is nature. Everything happens as it has to happen, actually.
So, there is no reason to change its stance and it has to develop its economic, leaving the climate concern aside.
The whole concept of climate issue is just a politicized strategy to rule down and keep the rising developing nations under the control of already developed nations.

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