USA-India-Tie: A Threat to Pakistan

India and Pakistan are historical rivals and this bitter relationship between these two countries is a good diplomatic card for USA and China.
The nature of these two super power nations is like a wind and the situation of Pakistan and India is like a directionless ship in the ocean where the wind can take it to any direction.
And of course, India’s gain is a lost for Pakistan, but not always. This USA-India-Tie is in fact, a big threat for India. It is India who has to think. It is India who has to fear. Not Pakistan.
Pakistan was in a much gay when Obama tripped India and promised of backing up India for a powerful seat in UNO. Obama made speeches in a grand and cheerful way but in the same aged old diplomatic tone.
USA president talked about Mumbai terrorist attack and stayed in the same Taj ‘hotel’ where Pakistani soil based terrorists attacked it last year, but Obama failed to mention the one word ‘Pakistan’ when he relates it to Mumbai terrorist attack.
Obama needs India. Obama loves cheap labor in India. Obama fears India for its rising power in Asia but Obama fears China more for its rising power in the world and USA doesn’t want to lose its friendly relationship with Pakistan to China.
Geo-politically, Pakistan is very, very important for USA, because Pakistan shares a border with many of America’s fearful enemies including China. USA does not want Pakistan to allow China to build up the gas pipe line through Pakistan occupied Kashmir to the central Asian and African countries.
When USA ties up with India, no matter, how fake it might be, for Pakistan, it gives a good opportunity to easily say good bye to its old friend ‘USA’, and well come its friend’s fearful enemy ‘China’.
China’s recent incursion in Kashmir with 11,000 soldiers which India claims, and Pakistan’s legally permission to allow China to build pipe lines and roads in Gilbit-Balistan areas are the obvious signals that China and Pakistan are heading in a good relationship which is a very big potential threat to India.
Issuing of stable visa to the Indians from Jammu and Kashmir, and free visa to the Indians from Arunachal Pradesh are the usual testing techniques of Chinese government but denial of visa to the ltd general Jaswal to attend a military meeting in China is not only an over act and an insult to the Indian government but it is a symbol of Chinese enmity and a response to the India-USA-Tie.
India shares basic principles of democracy with USA but that does not necessarily mean India has always stick to the American policy, and India should not forget that blood of white people who conquered, tortured and racially discriminated the brown and black people.
With the 2010 economic crisis in USA, and Europe, Asian countries like China, Japan and India must take the golden opportunity to change the balance of power from west to the east, rather than being a directionless ship in the ocean.

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