What will be India's political status towards Tibet after Dalai Lama?

Pre-exile, our society was an unconventional conservative and typically patriarch-cal community headed by the Gadhen Phodrang followed by the districts and sub districts in a religion-politics mix-messed way.
There was a man with a scientific mind and a practical hand so called H.H. the Dalai Lama who was constantly trying to make reformations in the government in particular and in the society in general but almost all in vain.
Not daringly but honestly speaking, the egg of our eyes sealed by the religion-politicized government was broken by the Chinese communist government in a much shocking and inhuman way but acknowledge-ably led to the end of our feudal government and a new birth to the changes ahead in exile outside Tibet.
In exile, with the rolling of time and high exposure to the world, many inevitable changes were made in our society-Bonpos were given complete freedom to practice their own religion and even hailed that Bon was the religion of Tibet, but mysteriously the Shockten ritual was put in a coma with the announcement of H.H. the Dalai Lama that its practice is harmful to the religion of Bhuda-dharma, and there by requested not to practice if possible. Many followers of Dalai Lama stopped practicing it but few became rivals against the Dalai Lama, and of course, Mr. opportunist ‘Chinese government’ misusing this golden opportunity and trying to create a gap in-between Tibetans by backing up these pro -shocktens. Maybe it might be a political trick by our government and a misuse by the Chinese government in a hallucinated way but is our government that much clever? This time, many of our Tibetans stopped this harmful practice of ritual because of His Holiness’s announcement and his interpretation that it is harmful to Buddha-Dharma, but will Tibetans practice again if next Dalai Lama declares to do so? Religiously of course there might be tremendous ill effects and harm but practically in a normal lay man’s eye, the controversial upon this part itself is a very harmful one to the success of our government in exile.
As one of our eminent writers in English with a rational sense and an open mind said “H.H. the Dalai Lama is like a banyan tree under which only little can grow”, many of us hardly use our own creativity and rationalism. More or less, not only spiritual, but politically also, we are very much dependent on His Holiness. It is a transparent well-known fact that we have no better power and no better hope rather than depending on this current Dalai Lama as long as he is with us. He is the only hope, only light and only dependable bliss but I wonder will it be the same in upcoming Dalai Lamas also?
We have an elected government and a genuine democracy but we have no country, no nation, what we have is just an exiled government and that too a self declared government. No nation recognizes our exile government as a refuge government and nor we made a petition for that. Maybe we might need to be bit cautious and less utopian, and it might be the perfect and ripening time for us to make a universal appeal to accept our exile government as a refuge government.
Indian population census is done every ten years and this year is not a new one but it is the first time that they started including us in their population census. If I am not so suspicious, I feel it might be one of their remedies to counter their counterpart ‘China’ after Dalai Lama.
Its obvious that Chinese government has already set up the political status towards Tibet and in fact, they are not just waiting for the Dalai Lama to die but backing up the duplicate Pachen Lama and politicizing him day by day because now China knows that Tibetan issue will not die along with Dalai Lama. But the big question is what will be India’s political status towards Tibet after Dalai Lama, and is our exile government ready to face it?

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