To John (John is an English tourist who is going to Tibet)

If you cross
The gigantic mountain
Called ‘Himalaya’
You’ll find my land ‘Tibet’
If you peep through
The small cracked walls of Dragchi’
You’ll find my mom
Half alive and half dead
If you draw
Near to her
You will hear
Her words of grief
If you look
At her grieving face
She’ll tell you
The tale of Tibet
If you observe her
From toe to head
You’ll find her
As a host for insects
If you whisper
You are a lover of Tibet
It will energize her heart
Though her body is half decayed
If you taste her tears
The tears of sadness, torture
Decay and suffering
It will make you cry
If you ask her
Why she is imprisoned
She’ll reply to you
“I am a Tibetan”

…………A zigzag, up and down traveling to a Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh) is a very tiring tour but a very experiencing visit. Every child wearing free Tibet T-shirt and chanting mantra “Om-ma-nyi-pade-me-hum” looks very jolly but each of them has a very shocking story to tell to the world, and the above poem is about a story of such a boy and his mom who has lost his mom since he left his home town and have no information about his mom but believes that his mom is in a Chinese jail because he used to hear stories of such things from his friends.

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