When I first came to India, I had no aim to be a journalist nor knew the roles of a journalist that he or she can play. I came to India because I desperately wanted to be away from the brain drain of Chinese government and I just wanted to run away from them. I just wanted to be free. I felt free and happy when I reached India, but I never thought that a day will come for me when I might think of speaking for the unlucky ones who are still under the political jaws of Chinese government. Through years of education, reading newspapers, watching on TV how the ministers in the Indian parliament debate, and after years of mingling with my Indian friends, I got a strong feeling of being a journalist and be a voice for the voiceless back in Tibet. So, I decided to be a journalist and I am fully determined to be a good journalist who will always stand for justice, and truth.
Sometimes, when I go out for story ideas, I feel "oh god, journalists are too bad always looking for a hot news like an accident or a conflict between people and government", and it makes me feel like crazy but I used to advice myself "you are just looking for stories, not wishing to happen some thing bad to anyone".
Anyways, I want to be a good journalist who will be in the shoes of others before criticizing or reporting, and if I think it is something which is justified and truth, I will speak out no matter what happens next.

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