In unity, we can stand

By Dhondup
 When we go through past and present civilization without prejudice, we can proudly read out that the world we live in stands marvelously only through means of unity. So, people from different walks of life will and would voice in unity where we can stand. I would say unity is like a motherboard of a computer where all software and its function encompass together. Without it, it ceases function effectively. In case of the Tibet issue the same action will follow if we fail to stand in unity in the presence of H.H the Dalai Lama.

 Every nation-states, civilization, culture and multifarious traditions that flourish in different parts of the world has its history. We, Tibetans do also have a long history which we need to cherish a lot in diverse phases of history under distinct supreme leaders. If we fizzle out to acknowledge their immeasurable contribution towards the porch of six million Tibetan people then we will submerge into the 1.25 billion plus population of China. And rich Tibetan culture which is an apostle of Tibet will peg out from our hands.

 China becomes Red (Communist) under the maligned face of Mao Zedong on 1st October1949. She started to expand her sphere of influence in Far East and slowly it plunged on Tibet. Tibet, in the eyes of westerners or who have never been there considered it as heaven fallen on earth remained constantly in danger of Mao's aggressive policy. In late 1940s, the People's Liberation Army in monster avatar forcefully annexed Eastern Tibet and Tibet become its prey in many ways like cultural genocide, assimilation, sinicization, etc. 
After signing the 17-points agreement in Beijing on 23rd May, 1951 at gun-point, from that onwards, there is really no peace and tranquility in the minds of Tibetan people who made this tear in our prevailing history is because of lack in unity and channel of communication among Tibetan people especially from Ministers in hot-seats of then our administration. The best example, i can offer you is that when Eastern Tibet on the verge of collapse under PLA attack, even though they got information, some aristocrats ( Kudak) they didn't care to bother about it. They basked in the sun light and enjoyed Tibetan barley wine ( Chang) in the summer palace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. By above cited story, we can say that there was no nationalism as well as unity among Tibetan politicians during that critical period.

His Holiness 14th the Dalai Lama had to struggle hard during perilous period of Tibetan history in -mid 20th century. He had to flee from Tibet and seek asylum in India because situation inside Tibet was so dire that he could not longer stay there to protect his people and state. On 18th April, 1959, His Holiness held a press conference at Tezipur and declared that 17- points' agreement was invalid. From there, he continued to fight Tibetan people's struggle, and still it's going on.

 By the grace of Indian government and tiredless efforts of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we got chance to establish a strong Tibetan community in a borrowed land. This administration runs and works for the cause of Tibet as well as its community, which branches in different parts of the world.
 Hardship of exile life is one of the most difficult situation that we face today. Yet, by the elegance of His Holiness, we got fortune to enjoy the cool breeze of Democracy which is a fashion icon political doctrine that widely impregnated this world. He established Central Tibetan Administration in a democratic way where everybody is treated equal before the eyes of law. Not only this but also His Holiness proposed to Tibetan people to elect their representatives and they were dually elected in  1960s.Slowly and gradually according to the wheel of time and changes of International politics, His Holiness decided to devolve his political role completely in 2011.

 After the announcement of his complete retirement from politics, there was cue and cry among Tibetan community in and out Tibet. I would say that it was the most enduring movement in exile history of Tibet where all hopes and responsibilities of six million people depended solely on his shoulders. At that time, most of Tibetan people were shocked and felt sad about his decision to retire from politics. Yet his visionary thinking woke up the Tibetan community and they started to elect their political leader who could uplift Tibetan issue on International stages where the most of nations plays zero-sum games.

 Between 2010-11, there was fast and furious race for the post of political leader ( Kalon Tripa) in exile community among three emerging hopes for Tibetan struggle. The Tibetan exile community effectively participated in this history changing movement of Tibet. They held many debates among the three candidates in different parts of world where Tibetan Diasporas were scattered. I do feel that for Kalon Tripa's election they did just like the most developed nation: U.S.A's election for the post of president. I mean to say that from all walks of life, people participated effectively to cast their vote to elect Kalon Tripa. Finally, first among equals, the Harvard graduate, Dr. Lobsang Sangay won the election and became the first political leader of Tibet in exile.

 Such fully-grown up democratic political system in exile community is all because of His Holiness' leap forward vision that hopes in future good of Tibetan community. It is because of His Holiness' six decade efforts for our struggle that kept the Tibetan issue alive in this 'mein and thein' world of 21st century. Without his tiredless work for Tibet, Tibet issue would not have been attained correct stature in the corridors of international politics, with just miniscule in population and size, though strategically vital as 'the roof of the world', politically restive, emotionally hurt for almost six decades,  today Tibet is, once again, in the 'eyes' of global political storm. Tibet is the epicenter of the political, diplomatic, psychological 'quake' which has been convulsing China today. His charisma and political skill draw the attention of world as well as hidden Dragon that is crouching yak in Tibet. He is the powerhouse of Tibet that can shake the world and surprise China. He is like a key to resolve Tibet issue. Without his illuminating rays of guidance in Tibetan struggle, we have no hope to dispel the darkness of Chinese rule and rise against the mighty China in International stage in which she plays important role in politics as well as in economy.

 So, I think it is right time for us to stand in unity for the cause of Tibet. If we fail to stand in unity under the guidance of His Holiness and CTA, then there is no hope for us to stand up against China. The Tibetan struggle is not struggle between Middle Way Approach and complete independence approach. And it is not about utility of 'government' termology in the official document or not. It is fight between Tibet and China. If we focus on fighting on these two issues among Tibetan people then we will not obtain concrete result for the brawl of Tibet which is in danger of losing stream.
 Dear fellow Tibetans, lets follow the footsteps of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and pay attention on his recent statements that he emphatically stated in Italy and at Ladhak. If we fail to read his mind then we will not succeed, as well as unity among Tibetan community will become like a day dream. Hence, let's rise and let's stand in unity, Tibetan under China is crying for us to do something for Tibet. The 63 raging souls on fire want to see us in unity for the cause of Tibet. Let's move according to the wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, it will never fail. So, let's do not drink the same old wine from a new bottle, it will not quench our thirst, the thirst for freedom from China. Let's rise, let's stand in unity, Tibetans are burning in Tibet...

NOTE-- Dhondup is a translator, working with the Central Tibetan Administration

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