Dalai Lama is not Osama, Tibet is not Israel

By Tendar Tsering

We have the best leader in the world, the icon of peace the Dalai Lama but some times, I wonder do we really have the best leader?

24 Tibetans have lighted themselves to the fire in protest against the Chinese rule over Tibet, and the number could be 200 in next few more months-the self-immolation has reached at a no-return point.

However, the world is still keeping its eyes and ears closed to the ongoing critical conditions in Tibet. The Dalai Lama being god in the form of human being has become more or less a leader to the world, and if there is anyone in this world who might can solve the disputes of the world through dialogue, negotiation and peace, he is the only person. If there is anyone in this world who truly cares for welfare of the whole world, he is the person.

Yet, this loving person-the ambassador of dialogue and non-violence is being labelled as splitist and at several occassions, he has been denied the visa to visit several parts of the world including South Africa-the land of Nelson Mendela, the then icon of peace.

The people of the world deep down in their hearts, they do respect and appreciate this man the Dalai Lama, and consider as the world's best spiritual leader and peace icon but when it comes to the politics-one's own interest, the governments of the world refuse to meet this person, and refuse to address the problems of this man's people.

If the world really wants peace, and friendship on this planet, then it must stop its double game, double face-feeling something but doing something else.

But I am afraid that this world will never stop its double game-the dirty politics until it burns its own nose.

No matter, how many more Tibetans burn themselves on the fire, the world will not give a damn ####. For the leaders of the world, the politicians-the governments, self-immolation is nothing but a tool to be used for their own business benefits with the Beijing government.

Yet, the hearts of the world, the people of the world, I am sure care for a better world-for equality and justice.

So, it is the gloden chance for us, Tibetans to lobby the common masses of the world. I know at this period, every Tibetan is desperate and dying to do something for a free Tibet. Even death under the Chinese open fire and each self-immolation in Tibet saddens the hearts of Tibetans in exile as much as the Tibetans inside Tibet do.

As the blood of inside Tibetans falling from the Himalayas, hot blood of the exile Tibetans blowing up every day.

Yet, the normal monotonous candle light vigil rituals becoming boring but at the same time becomng painful as the candle light vigils bring no results and make the Tibetans feel that they are not doing enough.

Tibetans-young and old are longing for a 'revolution' that could blow up everything to fulfill the demands of those who died in protests against the Chinese government or be dispowered, and wait for a century to get back the roof of the world 'Tibet' in an another way, another method.

Something has to be done to bring back the 'no-return' point Tibetan self-immolation in Tibet. Yet we simply can't discourage the Tibetans inside Tibet not to burn themselves. Nor we do have the quality and courage to encourage.

Tibetans in exile, especially the social net work visiters are talking about Yak Revolution, Tsampa Revolution and some are talking about Dalai Lama Revolution. Because they are desperate to do something, because their hearts are paining when the news of deaths in Tibet reach exile.

Tibetans inside Tibet, and outside Tibet, physically far from each other and divided by the Himalayan mountains but the hearts of Tibetans inside Tibet and outside Tibet beat for each other.

Because of the Dalai Lama's bliss, this era of Tibetans might be peaceful and non-violent but if the world treate this Dalai Lama no better than Osama Bin Laden, then this could discourage the upcoming Tibetans-the new generation ones, and after Dalai Lama, Tibetans could become violent and might take up the violence as the fundamental tool to fight for freedom.

Tibet might become like Israel (conflict zone) and the worst case, there might be many more Tibetan Osamas in the post Dalai Lama era if China don't make use of the Dalai Lama now.

At that time, there will be no peace in Tibet nor in China nor in the neighboring countries and it will affect the peace of the whole world too. So at that time, don't regret, and don't blame the Tibetans because the China's treatement and the world's silence making the Tibetans to be like that only.

No one one was born to be violent but society makes them!

As of now, Tibetans are too peaceful, too humble, and in a way, Tibetans and Tibetan government in exile never try to challenge or attack China (even not with peaceful measures), always try to prevent. For instance, Tibetans in exile do teach and learn how to protect their computers from the virus that the Beijing government agencies do send and never try to attack back.

Days back, just after the announcement of the Tibetan Parliament in exile to revisit the international communities including the Embassies in the Indian capital New Delhi, the Chinese Embassy to the Indian Capital issued a letter to the US Embassy in Delhi urging the United States government to stay away from the members of the Tibetan Parliament, citing the issue of Tibet as an internal affair of mainland China.

Members of the Tibetan Parliament, apparently at gay feeling that their newly introduced Tibet movement is succeeding, they kept silent as if what the Chinese Embassy said is true instead of condmning the issue of letter.

Last year again, 32 Tibetan Parliamentarians sat on fast in New Delhi, and came back to Dharamshala at the seat of Tibetan government in exile, hailing that the fast went well though no leading news media highlighted.

However, I wonder such movements will make an impact or not even if the world media picked up the issue.

Nevertheless, Tibetans are dying to do something immediately, hence this is the perfect timing for the Tibetan government in exile, and Tibetan activism groups like Tibetan Youth Congress and Students for Free Tibet to guide the Tibetan common masses for a peaceful but powerful revolution that could shack the whole China.

Sadly not seen the powerful orators, and activits belonging to the above mentioned organizations in last few days amidst the wave of self-immolation and Chinese open fire in Tibet. Hopefully they are not on holiday away from offices.

This is the hour-the perfect time for the Tibetan leaders to guide the common masses for a powerful 'revolution'.

24 Tibetans have burned and still counting, but why not a 'Bhoe La Dro' march, why not a 'Delhi Chalo' march? Why? Why?

Why only the candle light vigils that too often organized regionalizm wise-some thing happens in Ngaba Kriti, exile Kriti people organize and something happens in Drango, people from Drango organize.

Let the activism groups like Tibetan Youth Congress and Students for Free Tibet organize the movements, and let common masses be the participants under their guidance.

We must remember that when our brothers and sisters in Tibet burn themselves, they burn for free Tibet, for the whole Tibet, and don't care where they are from.

We are Tibatans, and let us be just Tibetans-no amdo, no khampa, no U-tsang-just Tibetans for Tibet.

Whether we call it 'Tsampa revolution' or 'Yak revolution' or 'Dalai Lama revolution', let each of us make sure that we can lobby 1000 Indians or American in respective places, and do the revolution at one time constantly contineously till our demands got fulfilled.

Let us start lobbying in our day to day life-using social net works (Facebook and Twitter) and using our mouth in person, and 6 million of us make sure that each of us bring 1000 Tibetan supporters and do the 'revolution' in all the cities cross the continents constantly and continously till our demands got fulfilled like the people in Arab world did, like the Indian-Anna Hazare protest did.

If Arab Revolution can succeed, if the Anna Hazare protest can succeed, why not our revolution?

NOTE--- Tendar Tsering is a trained journalist from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, and currently working with the pioneer news site Phayul.com

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  1. tendar la...
    such piece is exactly what i wanted to see through english medium in which there are relatively more readers to suck the message that you are trying to propagate.

    a straight and beautifully written piece.
    thum up/////

  2. you can do It brother.

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