If you can't treat us equal, let us go

By Tendar Tsering

In the name of liberation, China gunned thousands of our fathers and forefathers in 1959, and today they are torturing us to death by saying that we are part of them. If Tibet is part of China, 
Tendar Tsering,
Photographer- Alexina Donald Correya
why they are treating us as second citizens?  Why they are calling us 'barbarians' when we cry for justice and equality? 

Last week alone, eight Tibetans set themselves on fire requesting Beijing to let us apart from main land China if they can't treat us as equal. We won't be that much upset and discouraged if it is the Beijing government or only few of their politicians who caused us to set on fire and who laugh at us when we are setting ourselves on fire, but the entire Chinese community is laughing at us and calling us 'barbarians' instead of helping us to end the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Tibet. 

Till date, our Tibetan leaders and our government in exile have been fond of saying that Chinese, especially the Chinese intellectuals and youngsters are very positive, very understanding and sympathetic towards the plight of people inside Tibet, but now where are these sympathetic Chinese scholars and intellectuals? In recent months, thousands of Chinese netizens ran into the streets and burned almost all the Japanese shops and restaurants in China over the controversial island encroachment case between the two nations who have historical haterance, and these Chinese netizens showcased their love for the nation and sense of unity in protest against any sign of foreign encroachment. If they are that much united, and caring towards one another among their brothers and sisters, then why they are not joining hands with us 'Tibetans' and why they are calling us 'barbarians,' and 'ungrateful' when we are in a condition where dying is the only option? 

There is only, and only one reason that we Tibetans must know - they don't care about us, they don't treat us as equal, in short, they even don't treat us as Chinese because in fact, we are not Chinese, we are Tibetans. They are not letting us apart from China, nor letting us be part of them. They are simply using us. Torturing us to death. The apathy- the racial discrimination which was once famous in South Africa, and believed to be dead is now not just born but very much alive in Tibet. 

Needless to say, the Beijing government openly discriminates the Tibetans and treats them as second citizens, not just in main land China but in Tibet too. Lately, Beijing has announced a package of beautiful health insurance to the people in Tibet, but the big question 'why'? The answer is simple if one knows China well. They want more Chinese in main land China to travel and settle down in Tibet. Instead of addressing the problems of Tibetans inside Tibet, Beijing is putting up more armies, more forces, more violence and more restrictions upon the Tibetan people in Tibet. With the ongoing self-immolations, Tibetans every where in Tibet are feeling helpless, and chained. But what to do, other than becoming more desperate, more helpless and more determined to sit in line to set themselves on fire hoping that the free world will negotiate with Beijing on behalf of Tibetans. 

It is apparent that China is confident that no nation will risk their business with Beijing as long as Beijing's economy power stands strong, and healthy. Beijing is not afraid of Tibetans either, because they know that after all, Tibetans are the disciples of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They know very well that no Tibetan will trouble them, other than burning ourselves as long as His Holiness is alive. Many people think that China is hoping that the Tibetan cause will end with the Dalai Lama, but that is no longer the case. The Chinese communist government is not that foolish. They have studied us very well, and they are very much aware that we could not just burn ourselves but burn the Chinese once His Holiness is no more with us. But the communist government is one step ahead in preparing for the scenario, and the beautiful life and health insurance for people living in Tibet is one of them. They have also started giving gifts to the Tibetans who ever marries a Chinese man or woman. These are the policies which strategizes to end the Tibetan population, and they are confident that they can fulfill their target within His Holiness the Dalai Lama's life time. 

It is encouraging to see that more and more Tibetans are determined to die for Tibet, but at the same time, it is very discouraging to see that more and more these brave Tibetans are setting themselves on fire alive when no nation is ready to risk their business with China. From powerful nations like US to the weak nations like Nepal, all are using the Tibetan cause as business card with Beijing directly or indirectly. More Tibetan lives on fire, better the business card, sadly! Our brave brothers in Tibet need to be patient and stop sacrificing their precious lives. A time will come that we can use our warriors' sword and remind Beijing that we are the sons and daughters of our mighty King Songtsen Gompo. 

Editor's NOTE-- Tendar Tsering is an online journalist based in Dharamshala. 

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  1. It is true that Tibetans are neither part of China nor are we allowed to be apart from China. Tibetans inside Tibet are watched almost 24/7, no wonder they are driven to extreme method such as self immolations. It is horrifying that Tibetans have to live under brutal and devil China. It is time now that each individual and nation needs to support and voice their concern over what is happening inside Tibet.

  2. For what, and why should the individual nations help Tibet?


    1. Tibetans are human being too and human beings are all inter-dependent.
      Where do u live? in a different planet probably? Do you wish us to blow up like terrorist does and seek the world's attention for problem resolution? Who knows what will happen next.

  3. All China needs to do is provide basic human rights to us. CTA ask only for autonomous region and nothing beyond that. The moment China loosens its policies, self immolations will decline.

  4. we are not equal to those cheap barbarain snake eaters..... just because they hit a home run does not mean they won the whole series...... just wait for the oppertunmoment...... these peaple when goes into trouble they will eat each other thats in their fundamental charecteristcis......... just wait......

  5. chinese are dreaming of something like america.... where western intruders had elliminated the natives..... thats because during that time there is a tremendous knowledge gap..... now there is no such a huge knoledge gap...... it woud be mistaken for them to think that we going to just let them elliminate us...... and enjoy....... while we going to blow our selfs up like its happening in so many places..... we will drage everything down.... more prosperous they become more things they gotta lose....

  6. I'm not optimistic as much as Tibet govt in exile about their strategic to achieve their goal and they are not hearing or listening what majority of Tibetan inside Tibet are saying. i think they demand their rightfully Tibet independent.

  7. I second snow lion

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