Roaming will be free soon, call from anywhere to anywhere within India

By Tendar Tsering

DHARAMSHALA, October 14: Kapil Sibal, Indian minister for communications unveiled the new telecom policy draft on Monday which says that roaming charges within India will come to end soon .
"Broadband availability and speed will be increased, allowing for mobile numbers to be ported to any part of the country," said the minister.

Users will be allowed to port their mobile numbers while keeping the same number, even while switching service areas, added Kapil Sibal.

It is said that with the tablement of the new communication policy, the distinction between the local and STD calls would vanish as the policy aims at a "one-nation, one-licence" regime.

"It is a good news for the Indians as well as for the Tibetans staying in India, especially for the Tibetan activists, because our activists travel a lot, and roaming free will ease their cost of roaming charges," said Dhondup Gyaltsen, a Tibetan school teacher.

According to the draft, the new policy will also allow companies to pool, share and later trade spectrum.

"We believe it is imperative to move towards convergence of telecom, broadcast, technologies and overcome all existing segregation of licensing, registration and regulatory mechanisms with the objective of enhancing access and reduce costs," said Sibal at the ceremony of unveiling the draft of the new policy.

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  1. Very very late implementation. Several other countries never had roaming charges. Only Indian customers have to shell out money for something which the telecom operators spent nothing. Useless and corrupt govt. taking such slow steps targetting elections which is causing hardship to common man. Jai Hind!!!