Break-fast, Celebrate TYC-Day

By Tendar Tsering

DHARAMSHALA October 7: The eight Tibetan students in Delhi ended the weeklong hunger strike successfully amidst free Tibet slogans as the Tibetans in exile commemorate the 42nd Founding anniversary of Tibetan Youth Congress on Friday.

With the slogan of "Freedom is not free, we buy freedom with our lives," the eight Delhi university Tibetan students sat in for the week-long hunger strike, and today came out of the seven-day fast, but still with the same determination and same slogan.

The group began their fast after two monks in Tibet set themselves on fire for free Tibet on 26 September to show their solidarity and support to the freedom fighters inside Tibet, and amidst their fast, one more monk in Tibet set on fire for the same cause on 4th of October, and again, on the eve of their 7-day fast, again two more Tibetans inside Tibet set on fire calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and free Tibet.

This is the eighth self-immolation of Tibetans inside Tibet since March.

Tibetans here in the town commemorated the 42nd Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) day under the banner of Tibetan Youth Congress by organizing a 21-day basketball tournament among the Tibetans in the locality.

While addressing the audience at the founding anniversity, Tenzin Tsundue, the president of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Dharamshala said that the spirit of freedom and longingness for a free Tibet should be vibrating in one's heart day and night.

"Whatever you do and wherever you work, sincerity is must for the success of our struggle and for the success of our community in exile," said Sonam Topgyal, the former prime minister of Tibetan government in exile and the founding member of the Tibetan Youth Congress.

It is said that Tibetans across India comemorated the founding anniversity of TYC in different ways but with on goal and one slogan "free Tibet."


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  2. Good work, Tendar. It's saddening to see the total lack of media coverage on the increase numbers of self-immolations at Tibet this year. Appaling state of affairs...stinking of neglect and ignorance.

  3. Yes, I know Tibet is just a business card that every country uses it for their own benefits! Its sad but its how politics works.. World needs people with more humanity and more compassionate..