Indo-Sino race for Sudan’s smile

Rising powers like India and China are in a worrisome situation about the political changes in Sudan in the offing.
India is keeping an eagle’s eyes on the boiling Sudan conflict, and so is China. The special Chinese ambassador to Sudan is busy in investigation and reporting the ongoing situation in Sudan to main land China.
The dragon nation has invested billions of USA dollars in building roads, schools, hospitals, and all in Sudan, just for nothing, but for oil, of course.

Apart from border disputes between the nation of dragon and elephant, the race for oil in Sudan is unavoidable and impasse.
The ongoing referendum in the oil nation makes the race course for Sino-Indo bit slow and steadily trying to interfere in the boiling oil nation in order to ensure that after the referendum, border demarcation and oil revenue sharing agreements won’t destroy the billion dollar investments by the respective nations in the oil country.
China’s role in Darfur has been highly criticized by the western media but the clever china also do send peace keeping delegates to Sudan, and show its concern for the peace in Sudan, and India is also no behind in playing role in Sudan for peace keep, which in fact, both of the nations are racing for oil collaboration with Sudan.
With the demand for separate southern nation from the northern Sudan triggers tremendous worrisome to all the oil thirsty countries including China and India. Both the nations wonder what the situation will be after the referendum, and how northern Sudan will react to the referendum.
The worst will be war on Southern Sudan by northern Sudan, and northern will never let southern country be an independent nation as most of the oil lies in southern Sudan, and survival of northern Sudan is a great matter of concern without the millions of USA dollars as annual revenue which it brings in. Since the war could let go the investments in vain, both the dragon and elephant are so concerned and so worried about the developing troubles and conflicts in Sudan.

It is a high time, for the giant Asian super powers to collaborate with each other and look for long term partnership in peace and business.
The rivalry for oil in the race should end now, and should realize that their race for oil has done enough harm to the oil nation, and the game between the super powers have taken enough role in taking away the lives of thousands, and  forcing millions to take refuge. Now is the hour that Indo-Sino has to strength together and take a initiative role in ensuring peace, and stability in Sudan apart from longing for oil in the country.

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