IIJNM, the best journalistic college?

If I am a career guru, with no second thought, I would recommend ‘IIJNM’ to all those who want to become perfectional journalists.

I am a hard worker but yes I am not a super star in studies, but I am a lucky chap who gets admission into all the good colleges.

Since my secondary school life, I have the notion of joining Loyola College, Chennai, and I was overjoyed when I saw the rating of the colleges in Out Look magazine 2006-Loyola College championing in the best top colleges in India, so with joys in my heart and smiles on my face, with great desire and greater determination, I rushed to Chennai in midst of humid and boiling Chennai climate in the month of June 2006, and joined Loyola college after much appeals to the concerned fathers in the college, and by kicking the admission into Madras Christian College, which I got an offer out of merit base.
Loyola College building
I was the only Tibetan who got admission into Loyola college for English literature, and there was kind of proud-ness in myself for being able to make up to the Literature Course in Loyola college, but then, at the beginning for couple of months, I had big trouble for being the only Tibetan guy in the English department. I felt difficult to adjust with the Indian class mates, and later on, I found I was more inclined towards the Kerala group among the many small sub groups of Tamil Nadu, Delhi or Hindi speakers or non Hindi speakers.

And the worst thing is most of my class mates in the department are not the best ones including myself, and I realized Loyola is not a number one college in India, but of course, not the worst one either. My classmates over there don’t deserve to be tagged as the best students in India, though the college enjoys its name in the best top ten college list.  Most of the professors are really experienced, skilled, and dedicated, but the course is also bit boring. They do teach environmental topics also like learning the name of the animals in the forest. It’s fucking shit! Such boring, and shitty courses almost killed my interest in English. Thank god, finally, with the graduation in 2009, I escaped from all these stupid courses, and happily left Loyola College. But I do miss the class mates for their friendly and lovely in nature. I love them, and I respect my college Loyola also, for giving priority to the poor and deserving students from Schedule caste, Schedule Tribes, and dalet community. 

And then, later on, I joined Indian Institute of Journalism, and New Media, Bangalore for a super specializing course, and I joined New Media ‘online news’ and I am really happy that I joined this college, and that I could myself landed up into this college.  I feel so lucky, and so happy.
IIJNM college building
Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) is not only a college but a small family of journalists from different places, and different countries. Here, they teach practical journalism and real life lessons of news reporting.

You don’t have to wash your clothes on Sundays, but literally, you have to wash every single dirt of your story, and you have to have to compete your story with the stories in the leading newspapers in the city. Many a times, we versus the regional newspapers.
Being about to graduate from this college, I recommend all those who are looking for a professional course in journalism, join IIJNM, and assure that IIJNM will make you a truly journalist if you are determined to be so.
IIJNM College corridor
You will go through yelling and scolding, and shed sweats, and will make you cry also sometimes. Don’t tell me that I have not warned you about these stuffs, but you will love it and its worth of paying such high fees, and torture yourself.

That’s all my personal feelings in my dairy kind of blog but if you want to know more about my college and feel like joining this college, then click: www.iijnm.org

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