An in depth analytical analysis of Mark Tully’s lecture on pluralism

‘Mark Tully’ bolded on big books in the land mark book shops back in Chennai met my eyes several of times but I didn’t really pay an attention on it, nor read a single page of it. I just had a glimpse of its cover page but today, listening to his talks on pluralism in person under one roof injected me a great sense of joy, and honestly speaking, it resculptured my attitude towards certain religions.
Those who believe in Hinduism are inclined to be tagged as Hindu fundamentalists nowadays, said Mark Tully, speaker of the day.
India which is famous for unity in diversity is literarily burned on fire a couple of times. Hindus and Muslims are the two ruling religions among other religions in India, and lots of lives and destructions are made in this country in the faith, love and patriotism of these two religions. It might not be wrong to say that this conflict of religion is one of the factors which stops India from becoming a developed nation.
Mark Tully feels that we should not blame the religion for the riots in Kashmir rather we have to know that there are other factors which are worse than the factor of religion. But, religion is the one which is easily misused by many politicians and it is the religion which sometimes cheats people, and misuses peoples’ lives also.
Ajmir Khasab, the popular terrorist in Mumbai attack is a very good example how the people are brainwashed, and misused by the people in the name of religion, in the name of god.
I am not an anti religion nor against the Christians. In fact, practically I do respect all the religions and I am always fascinated by the Christians- their down to earth attitude and handy help for the poor people.
But I have a feeling that this well-known and worldly renowned speaker might be a wolf in the cloth of sheep. I am afraid that this person might be a very well trained and diplomatic Christian who is trying to convert Hindus into Christians. This suspicion of mine was given birth by the past history of Church and Christians where they do convert people into their religion.
If I am not wrong, Christians always attack poor people, because for them, stomach of these people comes first, and Buddhism always target the rich people, because for them, mind matters and they believe that rich people have more worries, more sleepless nights, and they think that the root of all these problems is the mind, not any other else.
Whether, they do convert people intentionally or not, in fact, both of these two religions do convert lots of people into their religion, and such way of converting people is always far better than converting people by force or by cheating through the theoretical part of religion.
Jesus Christ might be the god, many might believe that he is god and many might not, but the fact is that he has been very realistic. He taught the whole humanity that how we have to be realistic in this world of illusion.
In my mind, Mother Teresa was one of the true followers of Jesus and she is at least to me, far greater than those great priests in the church or greatest gurus in the temple.

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