Can Fatahs and Hamas be united for the betterment of Palestine?

The sun of unity between Fatahs and Hamas will set on the land of Palestine sooner or later because they have more commons than differences.
Both of them share the same blood ‘Palestine-ness’ and struggle for the betterment of Palestine. The only difference is one is radical and one is more humanistic.
One use violence for the empowerment and glory of greater Palestine, and the other keeps a sense of humanity and agreement to be under the influence of Israel but in a harmony and prosperous way.
It is the Hamas who take up the violence as a means to fight for greater Palestine since their victory in election, 2006.
As everywhere, it is the misuse of power and dirty politics where a few hands in power misdirect, misuse, and mis-sculpture the minds of the masses.
But till the end of Yasser Arafa’s rule, the internal conflict between these two brotherly parties “Fatah and Hamas” was not severe as now, and it was because of the Yasser’s good leadership and politically far-slightness.

This man, Yasser, a noble peace prize laureate endeavored lots of negotiations between the two parties at internal level, and peace talks between Israel and Palestine at external level, but after his death, communal violence in Palestine became worse.
When Hamas came in power in 2006, funds from outside were legally stopped by USA, Germany and Egypt unless they address the three conditions which put up forward by the European Union, USA and Egypt.
Fulfilling the conditions is very difficult for the Hamas, and nor the Fatahs want them to meet the condition. Both of them long for greater Palestine and peaceful Palestine. They want the Palestine which they used to have 60 years back- a complete Palestine with Muslims in majority.
Because of the internal gap, and clashes over power, Fatahs were forced to be Gaza strip centered and Hamas West bank centered. This gap, this riot will be on and on but will be not be forever!
The riot, the deadly conflict between these two brotherly parties will end when a good leader like Arafa will come out and lead Palestine, and they will be united as one nation and one Palestine-ness, eventually.
Palestine’s external relationship with Israel will also play great role in the unification of Fatahs and Hamas.
Though all Palestinians long for a complete Palestine with Muslims in majority, but some of the Fatah people are also willing to stay under the interference of Israel in their internal and external affairs and what do they mainly care for is the peace and harmony in Palestine.
On the other side, Hamas are more or less demanding for greater Palestine, and they do use violence as a means of their struggle for freedom and justice, either it is against their own brotherly party ‘Fatahs’ or their enemy ‘Israel’.
Sooner or later, these two brotherly or sisterly parties or groups will realize the need for a unification to fight against Israel, and ironically, they will also be united, and the communal conflict between these two will end when the war between Israel and Palestine stops.

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