Metro mishap, the darker side of metro

Bangalore: Metro itinerant laborers at Kanminike, Bangalore say they are betting their lives just for Rs 150 per day.
“Days back, an electric drill slipped from my hand, and injured my right foot very badly. I was sent to the hospital immediately and I was given free medical treatment but then, they called me back to work after three days though my foot was yet to be healed completely” said Gopal Krishna, 52, a laborer from Bihar.

One thousand odd workers at Kanminike work 12 hours a day, and permission for sick leave is out of the question unless one has an accident.

Indian government has banned the over aged and child labor but here some workers are below 17 and above 60.

“Children and old people are not permitted to work in the direct construction but permitted to work as sweepers, cleaners and gate keepers” said Gopal.

“They are also getting Rs 150 per day” added Krishna.

Asked about the child labor, Rajesh, one of the engineers at Kanminike metro construction denied the presence of child labor and said ‘it’s a lie.’

Bindu P. panchayat regional officer at Kumbalgudo, 1 Km from Kanminike said she has no idea about the child labor and added that she will take a look at it soon.

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