Majestic merchants’ magic with masses in selling shoes

Majestic, the biggest bus station in Bangalore has lots of shops on the open road where the local brand shoes verses the international brand shoes like Addidas, Nike and Reebok.
The local shoes tagged with international brand at first sight looks close to the genuine international branded shoes but if one look closely, there are some noticeable differences in shape, design, and color. The local shoes tagged with Addidas have sharper heel tap, and the lace is also bit softer than the genuine brand shoe laces.

“These local shoe shop keepers sell these duplicate shoes at the rate of international branded shoes in the mega show rooms if one is new to this area,” said Ezelman, a bus driver at the majestic bus station.
Asked how much for the faked Addidas shoes, one of the shop keepers said “Rs 2500” and after convincing that the shoes are duplicate, the shop keeper said” take it for Rs. 500”.
After few minutes of friendly interaction, Ramesh, a local shoe seller said these duplicate shoes are produced locally and he sells around twenty shoes in a day at different rates.
“The shoes on the open road might look as same as the shoes we sell here, but ours is original and theirs is duplicate. Their shoes are meant for some days, and ours is meant for months and years when it comes to durability” said Raju, a sales man at Mandi Mall, Bangalore.
Despite the low quality and poor durability, many people still prefer to purchase these local branded shoes simply because of the low price and attractiveness of the shoes.

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