Tibetan Parliament Saddened by Baseless Allegations Against CTA on RFA Issue

November 28, 2012 12:48 pm
Hon.  Dana Rohrabacher
Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
Committee on Foreign Affairs
November 23, 2012
With reference to your letter addressed to the democratically elected Sikyong of the Central Tibetan Administration, the Tibetan Parliament in Exile wish to express the following concerns:
1. The United States of America as an advanced democratic nation is someone that all other democratic countries around the world look up to as an example and inspiration for its democratic functioning and practices. Therefore we were deeply saddened by the denigrating and unparliamentary language that a person of your stature has used in the letter.

2. We are also taken aback by your action to publicize the content of the letter, which are clearly based on insinuation and hearsay even before the Sikyong could respond to your allegations. This has caused much speculation amongst Tibetans both within and outside Tibet, and caused unwarranted damages to the integrity and credibility of the Central Tibetan Administration.
3. Concerning the internal matters of Radio Free Asia, we would like to assure you that we have neither in the past nor will we ever in the future interfere in its functioning. However, keeping in view the objective of the Radio service, we have expressed our opinion and concerns in and outside the Tibetan Parliament in Exile regarding contents of some programs of Radio Free Asia in the past and we shall do so in future as well, which we consider is well within our democratic rights. (We will be happy to provide transcript of the debate in the parliament.)
4. Above all we are alarmed at the serious allegations that you have made regarding misuse of US funding assistance for the Tibetans. We wish to state in unequivocal terms that any assistance by US received through the Central Tibetan Administration are accounted and audited through proper democratic mechanisms with full transparency and accountability. We welcome scrutiny by any US agency on this matter.
5. The position of the Central Tibetan Administration in resolving the Tibetan Issue is unanimously approved by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile and US government has stood firmly behind us. We have nothing to say on your personal position on the Tibet Issue.
Your letter coming at a time when we are going through the darkest period of our history in view of the extremely grave situation on Tibet of Tibetans being driven to self immolations, your letter was most unfortunate.
Tibetan Parliament in Exile
(Unanimous decision taken by the Standing Committee of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile)
Cc: 1. H.E. President of United States of America
2. Hon’ble President of Senate
3. Hon’ble Speaker, House of Representative
4. Respected Members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
5. Respected Secretary of the State
6. Special Representative for Tibet
7. Respected Members of Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
8. Broadcasting Board of Governors
9. Ms. Libby Liu, President of RFA
10. Hon’ble Sikyong, CTA, Dharamsala
11. Office of Tibet, New York

Editor's NOTE-- In view of respect and support to the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibet Telegraph has reprinted the above letter from the official website of CTA www.tibet.net 

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  1. Thank you Tibet Telegraph for posting this piece up. It is so true that Hon. Rohrabacherletter's letter publicised at a time when we are going through the darkest period of our history! Few of our educated folks have to back this issue up like crazy! Come on now, use some common sense. China is dying to see this happen in our community and we are acting like puppet in cold war amongst us.
    STOP INTERNAL WAR! Lets all put our effort and strength in bringing Tibetans together to fight against our cause. Ofcourse, who wouldn't want to see FREE TIBET! Free Tibet is our ultimate goal final destination! Do you all think His Holiness and CTA do not wish to see FREE TIBET?
    No matter who one voted for, it is time to support our leader and CTA at this critical junction.

  2. Serious questions remain unanswered, including

    @Drlobsangsangay Will you please inform Tibetans where is your SIGNED official response to Senator Rohrabacher's serious charges?

    Why was an unsigned press statement,carrying the name of another Tibetan official released, instead of a formal response carrying your signature?

    Why did that press statement avoid the very serious charge that 'Tibetan leaders cut a deal' with China's regime?

    1. To address our political struggle, we as majority of Tibetans have chosen MIDDLE WAY. What else can CTA do than cut a deal with China when we are voluntarily willing to seek meaningful autonomious region?

  3. Only the US congress man knows! He is quite by now means he realized his mistake!

  4. It is most unfortunate that Senator Rohrabacher's ill informed stance has caused such an unnecessary stir for Tibetan's who are already dealing with so much difficulty. It is also unfortunate that those aligning with Rangzen have been so quick to team up against the CTA and further this ridiculous controversy.

    Consider the source, Senator Rohrabacher is well known in America as being an ill informed loud mouth quick to jump on any bandwagon where he can draw attention to himself. He is a far right leaning conservative who is often terribly misinformed. While it was correct and necessary for the CTA to reply in defense to Rohrabacher's letter, his words should be taken with a grain of salt. The man is a fool, who doesn't know he's a fool.
    Anyone who gives credence to his words without giving due diligence to fact finding is also a fool.