The Ugly Chinaman and the doom of the Chinese – All nations against Chinese Campaign

By Jeremy Hung

It is divided into two parts, first being the reasons for claiming that the Han Chinese ethnics are the WORST ethnics worldwide, and second being the paramount significance of all nations joining forces, especially military forces, targeting and impeding the supremacy of the Great China (Peoples’ Republic of China & Taiwan), and executing the Chinese ethnics in your nations and communities; in other words, all of your nations (countries and regions) should target all your missiles, air military forces, marine military forces, tanks, nuclear bombs and atomic bombs on the Greater China (PRC China and Taiwan) only, but not on any other countries as they are all your alliances. All your nations should merge all your military weapons with the United States and Europe, forming military coalition with the United States. I thereby confer suggestions for effective strategies for combatting and cramping down on China and Chinese ethnics.

o    The contents include the evil of the people of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Han nationality) and other Han nationalities in Mainland China & Taiwan. They can be portrayed to be the most & extremely vicious, atrocious, beastly, hideous & shameless junk in the world, and if the Chinese ethnics rise to dominion or paramountcy of the world, the whole Earth will explode and the humanity will end up in extinction. Therefore, this article serves to compel your nation to team up with the United States, cannonading against the Greater China (PRC & Taiwan) & the Chinese ethnics in YOUR NATIONS!!!

In the early 1980s, a scholar from Taiwan called Po Yang wrote a very important book called "The ugly Chinaman and the crisis of Chinese culture", stressing that Han Chinese people are inherently vicious, depraved and flagitious lasting for more than 2,000 years in ancient Han Chinese feudal society. In Chinese Confucian thoughts (note that the Confucian thoughts do much more evil than good.), Mencius thought that human personalities can be derived from the “brighter ends” ( "The “Brighter end” Human Nature Theory") whereas another Confucian Xunzi asserted that they are derived from "darker & evil ends" (“The “darker end” Human nature theory "). When I was in the secondary school, the Chinese teacher tend to be in favor of Mencius; yet things do not go extreme. I would vote for Xunzi’s theory that human personalities tend to be derived from the evil ends. In my opinion, more than 80% to 90% human traits are bad, spiteful, damnable and sinful; and the positive and desirable traits account for less than 10% to 20%. The logic is simple: Suppose a primary schoolchild is abandoned by one’s parents who teach one nothing about morality, and let one idle with other children, will the child develop into a "good" or "bad" guy? Needless to say, without an effective family education & with the school educations failing to discipline the child, nine out of ten will corrupt into the dark, becoming rebellious & defiant joining the gangsters in teenage. This leads to the conclusion that in circumstances where proper education is failure, humanity will corrupt & decay, and the proportion of "evil and depravation" rises whereas "good" drops, or even almost disappears; it works vice versa yet, for any person, the "evil traits" are more numerous than the "good traits".

Chinese (referring to the Han Chinese people) are instinctively evil, wicked and of bad characters. During the rule of the Republic of China, and subsequently the People's Republic of China, there have been many changes, of which some evil traits are expelled, yet most are still retained.

I am not a specialist in Han Chinese anthropology, and the above-mentioned are extracted from folklore experts from social sciences & anthropology disciplines. Therefore, I will omit some details. Now, I will talk about the evil roots and atrocious nature of the modern Han Chinese people in Mainland China, Taiwan & the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("Chinese" is in fact an abbreviation of the “Han Chinese people”) Comparing & contrasting the three, you will figure out that the Chinese people in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region have the worst and most evil instincts and personalities, which are much worse than that of the Han Chinese people in Mainland China & Taiwan. (Here I need to make a clarification that the Han Chinese people, though innately evil, have same ethnic-wide excellent characteristics, but evil traits outnumber far more times than the outstanding traits. Outstanding features include that in general, Chinese people are smart, or more precisely, the proportion of smart people in a Chinese population is quite high (Caution! Their intelligences are mostly converged to evil and criminal purposes destroying the world.). They are also quite diligent, able to withstand hard work, and the learning abilities are proportionately high, and better academic achievements, etc.) Here comes the question: Why are the Han Chinese of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region poorest, most corrupt, most evil and iniquitous?

Let us first elaborate on the Han Chinese people in Taiwan. Few years after Kuomintang fled to the Taiwan Island in 1949, the societies of Taiwan were initially chaotic and turbulent. After prolonged, slow & gradual development, and learning lessons from the strong and rigorous opposition and rivalry between the Kuomintang, People First Party (pan-blue camp) and Democratic Progressive Party (Green Camp), a fairly organized and ordered society is built. Originally, the Blue Camp & the Green Camp combatted fiercely, like putting ice into fire, and the Taiwanese people are split seriously. Now, the Taiwanese society has gradually formed a fairly democratic political system which is already very desirable due to the fact that Han Chinese are instinctively wicked and ill-natured. Although I think the Green Camp is much more desirable, and the blue camp is acting contradictory to the best interests of the Taiwanese people, on the whole, the surveillance systems are sound. The people and the politicians of the two camps monitor and scrutinize each other very carefully and closely, such that even the President Ma Ying-jeou from the blue camp is poor, rather informally yielding obedience to the PRC and betraying the Taiwanese Chinese people, he has to act according to the will or consensus of the general public, afraid of losing in future elections to the Green Camp. Therefore, it is undeniable that there shows a sustained and effective progress in civilizing the Taiwanese Chinese people, which has been prompted by the two camps opposing to and competing with each other, the stepwise development of democracy and the people's educational levels and other factors. The inborn evil traits or personalities are suppressed fairly effectively.

As for the Han Chinese people in the Mainland China: In the early years after the establishment of the People's Republic of China (PRC in short), leftist movements & leftist ideologies prevailed, and people are addicted to communism, fond of accomplishing the political tasks put forward by the Chinese Communist Party (such as in the agricultural, industrial, etc. fields). During that time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP in short) exerted heavy influencing in shaping the personalities and human traits common to the Han Chinese people in the mainland, and the same applies to the Cultural Revolution times. By means of political influences, the intrinsic wickedness and sinfulness of the Han Chinese people in the mainland were suppressed (but the suppression relaxed after the opening up/ open-door reform from 1978 onwards). After the opening up/ open-door reform, the Han Chinese people in the Mainland China underwent drastic and fundamental changes and alternations, both advantageous and undesirable. Yet the addition effect of shortcomings is greater (e.g., low (and sometimes minimal) moral standards, low and retarded degree of civilization, no awareness of their mother-tongue human rights, failure to cherish their own languages and cultures, and many other ethical issues). However, it is fortunate that the (criminal) laws of the People's Republic of China (Mainland China) and the internal regulations of the Chinese Communist Party are very stringent and rigorous. Under the very stringent legal system and internal regulations of the CCP, the Chinese people are quite fairly united in the sense that the whole country will not become chaotic and riotous. Even the majority of Chinese people behave in a very uncivilized way, they at least dare not break the law. And even if the criminals commit crimes against the law, they did not dare to do so blatantly and iniquitously.

The Final group of the Han people that I will elaborate on is those of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Before 1997, Hong Kong was still a British colony, we can say that the Hong Kong Chinese were better than those Chinese people of the Mainland China & Taiwan, with their national wide evil instincts heavily suppressed. Why? It is because the Han Chinese people of the Hong Kong (at that time it was a British colony) were ruled, governed and disciplined very stringently, tightly and effectively by the British colonial government. A PRC official said: "Hong Kong gained her success and prosperity from the British, but now she is also defeated due to the British." This remark is only correct in its first half! The full sentence is wrong! The correct statement should be: "Hong Kong gained her success and prosperity from the British, but now she is also defeated due to Hong Kong itself." Why is that “Hong Kong itself” but not “PRC China” or “the British”?

The social status of the British (The White) is much higher compared to the Han Chinese people (The yellow-skinned) under the rule of the British colonial government, so do the British language (English), cultures (Western civilization), thoughts, values & perceptions (Western civilization). Therefore, the people of Hong Kong, especially those in the upper class of the society, were heavily influenced and characterized by lots of British national characteristics, such as ambitiousness, high efficiency, abiding to the law (law- abiding), emphasis on integrity and mutual trust, strong spirit of contract and keeping promise. In those old days, the upper class of the Hong Kong society had high standards of morality and gain much respect and admiration from the general public. For example, when I was around six to eight years old, my parents taught me that the people in the upper class were noble and venerable, so they encouraged me to study hard in order to climb up the social ladder, and no longer remain in the lower classes.) But the former British rulers were intelligent, in the sense that they did not nurture any political talents, and most Hong Kong people did not receive any training in politics. The former British rulers did not leave any valuables to the future Special Administrative Region Government either. Around 1997, a lot of talented people in various professional fields, especially the civil servants, left Hong Kong or more precisely, fled and abandoned Hong Kong, in fear of the Chinese Communist Party’s takeover of Hong Kong, leaving the rest of the general public behind here.

Ever since the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was established, tragedies and catastrophes began, but it should be noted that the Chinese Communist Party is not the root cause. The Central People's Government of the Chinese Communist Party, over the past fifteen years, has granted a high level of autonomy to Hong Kong, at least for 95% of all affairs. Only not more than 5% of all affairs did the Central People's Government intervene with. Using the orders of the State Council as example, the entire territory under the sovereignty of the People's Republic of China, including even the minority autonomous regions (Guangxi Zhuangzu, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc.) are obliged and mandated to follow and act upon the orders of the State Council of the PRC. To illustrate with the language and word policy with which I am most familiar (because I am a linguistic activist), the "National Common Language and Characters (Mandarin Chinese) Laws" applied to all the territories of the PRC, including the minority autonomous regions. Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region is one of them, with Mandarin Chinese (Han Mandarin Chinese and simplified Chinese characters) violently and brutally defeating and replacing the indigenous languages of the region, such as Cantonese (Guangxi accent), Liuguihua (a Mandarin dialect spoken in northern Guangxi), Pinghua (a language mixed with Cantonese and Mandarin, yet it is indigenous), the Guangxi Hakka, Zhuang Language (language of the Zhuang minority). They are facing extinction owing to severe eradication by Mandarin Chinese. Why will that be so? The reason is that even though Guangxi is entitled “Zhuangzu autonomous region” (“autonomous region of the Zhuang people”), but in fact the political and governing powers are in the hands of the Han Chinese, who are exclusively the Han Chinese from the North. The Han Chinese from the South (such as Guangxi which is the south-most region of Mainland China, except the Hainan Island) are casually suppressed, bullied and conquered. However, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has never been forced to implement the "National Common Language and Characters (Mandarin Chinese) Laws", even though the primary and secondary schools teach Mandarin, and Mandarin is actively promoted in the Hong Kong community. Compared to the laws and regulations in the Mainland, they are just too trivial. Evidently, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region does gain a very high level of autonomy in more than 95% of all affairs.

Before the takeover of Hong Kong in 1 July 1997, in the 1980s and the early 1990s, Hong Kong, as a British colony, experienced rapid economic boom and prosperity, and the people of Hong Kong were the most progressive and civilized among Chinese ethnic societies (China, Taiwan). Its television programs, pop music, Hong Kong accent Cantonese, the systems and structures of society, deeply influenced the Mainland China and overseas Chinese communities. In those days, lots of high-rise buildings, sky-scrapers, industrial buildings, and many large-scale constructions were built, complimented with a very high rate of urbanization in Hong Kong. Who are the benefactors? The benefactors are the "British"! The British’s stringent, tight and rigorous rule was the key to success of Hong Kong during the colonial period: the principal officials of the British colonial government, who had the highest social rank, and the white British who occupied most of the top positions in the government, benefited from the advanced and developed Western civilization in the United Kingdom. Basically, white people in Britain were (are) far more superior than the Han Chinese. At that time, even the Legislative Council had to speak English. In other words, all that Hong Kong possess now (and possessed in the past) (including the institutional diversity, public policies, government structures, social developments, industrial and commercial developments) are all derived from the contributions of the British. Hong Kong used to stand on top of the Chinese communities, and it were the British who were the ultimate and entire benefactor. How about the Hong Kong Han Chinese civil servants? They were no more than flunkies! The term “flunky” is a derogatory term referring to civil servants who are only capable of listening and obeying to commands and orders by their superiors, holding the motto of "doing a job well" with an aim to doing the administrative work efficiently and effectively – but without the training of political tactics and capabilities, and no morality foundation was built.

Upon the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the flunkies (Hong Kong Han Chinese civil servants) were only able to accomplish superior’s orders and commands efficiently, and do no more than administrative work. Now all the flunkies were promoted to higher or even the topmost positions. That is, they entered the core of power of the HKSAR. The CCP (or Beijing) thought that the "one country, two systems" policy is the best method to resolve cross-strait issues, which in fact was the only option available since it would be catastrophic and disastrous if Hong Kong was to adopt the Mainland political system. During that time, the President of PRC, Mr. Tang Xiaoping, was appraised for his marvelous creation of the "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy" principle. Therefore, most aspects of political powers of the HKSAR including the executive, administrative, legislative, judicial, and management powers were (are) given to The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As the Hong Kong Chinese flunkies had not received any political training and they lacked (lack) political wisdom and competencies, plus the British traditional excellence diminished once the British left, the instinctive evil, wicked, perverted and atrocious roots in the Chinese Han ethnic people exacerbated and dominated. During the past fifteen years of HKSAR government’s rule, most of the systems left by the British, such as the legal system, have metamorphosed, abused and misappropriated. The backbones have not been eroded but all the essences have gone. If you compare the outlooks of Hong Kong in 1997 and 2012, you will find that few things has changed, that the police forces still wear similar sets of uniform, and students in primary and secondary schools are still carrying a bag to school and doing their homework ...... the outlooks are disguised – most of the things here in Hong Kong have metamorphosed, degraded, degenerated and contaminated in a progressively deteriorating manner: In the British colonial times, Hong Kong Royal Police, as it was called in this name, were quite unsatisfactory that many power abuse cases occurred. Yet in general they were still abided by laws and law breaking was not as commonplace as now. They were corrupted when bribery was still legal in the 1960s to 1980s, when the ICAC (anti-bribery authority in Hong Kong) had not been established. The police force showed improvement after bribery was prohibited. After 1980s and before 1997, the Hong Kong Royal Police Force was obliged to reinforce the laws and maintain the social order, and they could more or less carry out their duty in a professional, just, law-abiding and valid manner. By contrast, the Hong Kong Police has perverted and depraved to the opposite end - their abuse of power, misuse their powers for settling private grudges, illegal and selective arrests and detentions, illegal and selective prosecution, practice of totalitarianism, non-prosecution of themselves for their wrongdoings ……,etc. The Hong Kong Police are even more “criminal, evil, wicked, maleficent and malevolent than the triad criminal gangs; the secondary school students no longer learnt their subjects in English, but they are receiving inferior, perishing and withering educations.

Since Hong Kong (SAR) people are not obliged to render military services, their disciplinary and armed forces, such as the Police Force, the prison beadles and officers, etc. have been perverting and depraving. Hong Kong people do not respect laws, legal systems and disciplines, so even the armed forces and the judiciary institutions can breach the laws and regulations in their own discretions. Without proper and necessary control and monitoring from the sovereignty, their powers are constantly expanding, making the people in power extremely idiotic and foolish if they do not abuse their powers. Hong Kong people are not obliged to render military services, so they commonly lack the concept of "the State", or that they are a facet of “a country”. Under the protective umbrella of China (the very threatening (to other nations) and overpowered People's Liberation Army stationed here), Hong Kong SAR can be exempted from the constraints of international complicated politics and operates with extremely high autonomy. What does this mean? This means that the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has turned into a tyrant, and it “rules” in a tyrannous monarchy that is unaffected by international political crises such as the North Korean nuclear issue. Free of sanctions by international politics in the world, Hong Kong SAR has cut off a small piece of land, and implemented the totalitarian and tyrannous monarchy that is in parallel to the emperors of ancient China. Ever since the Hong Kong Chinese flunkies ascended to the position of totalitarian and tyrannous emperors and tyrants, their powers underwent an infinite and very drastic expansion. With the Hong Kong SAR Government in power positions that are unconstrained, there are no overwhelming powers to control them. In this regard, they are devoid of the residual 5% of “better” human nature and "atrocity" and “evil human natures” colonize their whole brains (amazingly huge bestiality). The HKSAR government officials are of extreme bestiality disguised by their human fleshes and outlooks. All the UK and other Western world civilizations and cultivations have long been ruined and wrecked in return of the national evil and atrocious instincts of Han Chinese ethnics (the Han Chinese ethnics account for 99% of the populations under the heinous and dreadful control of PRC and they are characterized by the use of Chinese characters). The upper levels of the HKSAR and the business & commercial institutions, together with the Hong Kong SAR Government, plot conspiracies and contrive to derive the largest possible interests and wealth from the public. The middle, lower and grassroots levels have left with no choices but to work and go to school routinely and monotonously. Yet, depravation, collapse, degradation and atrophy are severely rooted in the “common interest groups” formed by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the upper levels and people with political powers.

Now I will turn to the most evil, malevolent, atrocious and heinous instincts and personalities of the Han Chinese people (referring to the Han Chinese ethnics). The Han Chinese people are traditionally, nationally and inheritably evil and wicked, and they are the most cunning, shameless and immoral among all ethnic groups in the world. I will use the Han Chinese of the Hong Kong SAR as an example, and explain in details why the 21st Century High Technology Murders Killing Networks are so unique to, and have only been able to principally operate in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, rather than any other non-Chinese countries and regions. In addition, even though the Killing Networks can only operate in Chinese communities, why have it not been operating in Mainland China and Taiwan? Basically, the history, politics and the boundary lines make the HKSAR Chinese people quite different from the Han Chinese people in Mainland China and Taiwan, and the failure of suppression of the evil and cruel instincts in Chinese ethnics in Hong Kong SAR is the root cause of the Killing Networks Incident:

(A) Severe confrontations and battles with other Chinese like fighting of cats and dogs (Infighting):
The most prominent and well-known features of the Han Chinese people is that there are always severe confrontations and battles with other Chinese like fighting of cats and dogs (infighting), and they are inexorable and inevitable. Each individual Japanese may seem like a pig (a metaphor meaning working less efficiently), but three Japanese add up to a dragon (a metaphor meaning working very efficiently), since the team spirits of the Japanese are invincible! How about the Han Chinese people? One Chinese alone may be a dragon, but three Chinese added together will degenerate to a pig; seven millions Han Chinese (Hong Kong) together, their power and efficiency is even inferior to the insects. What do the Hong Kong Chinese most excel in? Infighting, definitely! Wherever there are Chinese people, there is plenty of infighting. The traditional Chinese people can never unite! Not only do the traditional Chinese people lack the ability to unite, but they also have sufficient reasons for lack of unity, meaning that they are too smart to make many excuses for protecting their and in-group people’s own benefits and interests. In a traditional Chinese society (note: it is “society”, NOT “country”), the community is split into many social circles that everyone fight for interests for one’s own and in-group “friends” and try to put the outsiders to death. The traditional Chinese people know by heart the significance and power of synergy of unity and coalition, but even though they deeply understand the importance of unity, they are born to be extremely selfish and materialistic - (for Hong Kong SAR) the interests of the society as a whole are worth little, while the most important thing is the Chinese people grabbing and acquiring the greatest possible powers, money and interests, regardless of the legitimacy of their deeds.
Ever since Mr Donald Tsang Yam Kuen has become the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government, he has not done a single good thing or constructive contribution for Hong Kong, but he still shamelessly continues to acquire political and financial interests from the Government and the collusion of the government and the business and commercial sectors (and all other sectors). What’s more, he is also the chief commander and plotter of the thousands of murder attempts, tortures, illegal prosecutions and detentions, illegal harms and mental bombardments on the Killing networks, concreting the coalition of seven millions of Hong Kong citizens, on me!

(B) Extremely narrow-minded, biased and prejudiced: The traditional Chinese people just cannot settle down if they do not repel and alienate the others! : The closer are their origins of hometown, the more they will be tolerant of each other, and the more rigorous are their confrontations and battles like the infighting of cats and dogs: "The people who harm and beat up Chinese people the worst and most rigorously, are not foreigners, but the Chinese people themselves. The people who betray and commit treason against Chinese people the worst and most cunningly, are not foreigners, but the Chinese people themselves. The people who harm, ill-treat, maltreat and victimize Chinese people the most atrociously and awfully, are not foreigners, but the Chinese people themselves. "

By the same token, the same rules apply in my incident of being maltreated and victimized in the Killing Networks. These characteristics of Chinese people are prominent in Mainland Han Chinese, Taiwanese Han Chinese and Hong Kong SAR Han Chinese, in which Hong Kong SAR Han Chinese are the worst! Hong Kong SAR Han Chinese are utterly indifferent to the number of victims being illegally killed in wars in Syria, where the evil and damned wars cause unacceptable deaths of the civilians. Hong Kong people are apathetic to these catastrophic wars; on the contrary, they are immoral that they are fond of ‘wars’ (which are in fact prosecutions) that they are relatively unaffected. They are excited and delighted to witness how a Hong Kong citizen is killed, tortured and eliminated! They contend that Hong Kong people prosecuting each other is the ‘funniest’ and the ‘most entertaining’!

(C) Very severe and cruel discrimination and prejudice: the Han Chinese are the most narrow minded of the world, and they are innate to severely discriminate against the others, and often discriminate against outsiders of their social circles (out-group people). I have mental disorders, but as you know, it is not serious. However, Hong Kong people are discriminating against all patients with mental disorders, and longing for the patients getting eliminated, destroyed and killed by somebody else - the best solution to patients with mental disorders is that they got killed and eliminated from the society without the Hong Kong people’s direct participation, and that the "murders" of the “eyesores” are anonymous and the murderers of the eyesores do not need to bear any legal responsibility! How good it will be if a public eyesore is killed and eliminated in this way! Therefore, many Hong Kong people may seem to be “onlookers”, and “watch a movie without participation” They are not “onlookers” and they are de facto participants (associates of murderers) in the Killing Networks! In reality, they want to pretend that they "stay out" of the crime, and then acquiesce and consent to the atrocities of the murderers and secretly support their plans of murder, persecution their compatriots. Discrimination and prejudice are kings in Chinese communities!

(D) Another evil instinct generated by the evil root of infighting, is inexorable reluctance and refusal to repent, confess or admit their sins and wrongdoings:
Since April to May last year, the HKSAR Government, the HKSAR Chief Executive and his office, all the civil servants working in the HKSAR Government, the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR), the BDS2014 and related BDS students of HKU, Tommy Chow's friends, his family and relatives (Tommy Chow's friends on Facebook are also required to be imprisoned for reprimand!), the media in HKSAR, the HKSAR “police” which are in fact ‘gangsters’, the Department of “Justice” in HKSAR, many commercial and business enterprises and corporations ...... all of them show no signs of remorse. All of them have long been unrepentant and refused to confess their heinous crimes. On the contrary, their impudent crimes, mental bombardments and murder conspiracies have aggravated due to ten thousands of impunity and emancipation from legal sentences and imprisonment. The Hong Kong Laws and the Basic Laws of HKSAR are not enforced and violated unscrupulously thousands times under the autarchy of HKSAR Government. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been highly lawless, criminal and poorly governed, which arises owing to the unlimited and uncontrolled empowerment and rise in power of the Hong Kong SAR Government, who is the ultimate conspirer of the Killing Networks. With infinite expansion of power, the HKSAR Government colludes with the upper levels of the society and the bigwigs, in order to do whatever they want recklessly and derive maximum levels of wealth and interests from the grassroots. There is an idiom “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, which describes perfectly how the HKSAR criminals mentioned above have been seeking revenges on me after I have written the emails to the Central Government of China unveiling their hideous sins and crimes since April last year.

(E) The Han Chinese never put themselves into others’ shoes, and they always think at their own points of view and for their interests. Nobody cares for others, regardless of whether the other people are killed and tortured in front of them. When it comes to repentance and remorse, these words are expelled from the mindsets of the Han Chinese. Yet by contrast they force others to “repent” because from their point of view, they are always righteous and the others are always sinful, wrong and incorrect! To illustrate with the Han Chinese of Hong Kong SAR, they totally acknowledge that they have already committed thousands of unpardonable crimes, but they have resolutely refused to admit or confess; even though they are aware of conscientiously that many of them who have been criminal are mandated to suffer severe legal penalties and reprimands such as imprisonments, they have been trying every endeavor to veil their crimes and exacerbating the murder plots on me, which have overwhelmingly aggravated due to excessive impunity and no penalties by the HKSAR Government.

They just resemble the Red Communist Soldiers in the “Cultural Revolution” of China (ten years of political riots triggered by the heinous Mao Zedong), who “legitimately” killed, tortured, battled with, severely harmed their compatriots; and trespassed the legal system that they had the total discretion on judging who were sinners and deserved afflictions and crucifixions. They sneer at people who confess their sins, jerking them of fools and idiots; they appraise at people who conceal their crimes, whom they regard as old wise birds. With a view to concealing their crimes, they tell many lies and do many things to disguise their delinquencies, of which even more lies and wrongdoings are required for concealment. Therefore, Han Chinese people like to tell lies and be deceptive, cunning, irresponsible for their promises, vicious, wicked, greedy and unscrupulous. The Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Republic of China are examples. When they want to engulf Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the CCP and PRC designated these new territories as “Special Administrative Regions” where “high autonomy” is granted. However, the regions that were illegally colonized, conquered and invaded by CCP and are now under the tyrannous rule of CCP – the Tibetan areas, the East Turkestan, the Inner Mongolia, the Guangxi Zhuangzu, the minority counties in Yunnan – are not granted “high autonomy”. The “autonomy” granted is in fact prosecutions and atrocities to the minority ethnic groups, and economic and resources acquisition from the minorities in real life practice.

(F) Deceitful, deceptive, dishonest, cunning, hypocritical and untrustworthy: the Han Chinese people like to tell lies. They like to deceive, trick, cheat and beguile other people. Their words and “promises” are utterly fallacious, deceptive and fraudulent. They take pleasure in making frauds and cheating, and very probably and sorrowfully that I am the only exception and the variant. They defraud and cozen so often that they become accustomed to being hypocrites. Finally they delude and hoax themselves, confusing the truths and their frauds. They begin to shove themselves into the (online) world of hypocrisy and fallacy, to such an extent that they are unable to extricate themselves from delusion. The Han Chinese people are also fond of making excuses for their lies and wrongdoings. In the Chinese societies, the more powerful, wealthy and influential the person is, the more hypocritical and treacherous one will be. This explains why the Chinese Communist Party and its officials are extreme hypocrites – The Premier of PRC Wen Jiabao is among the best actors, performers, political artists and hypocrites in disguise in the world. He asserted once that China (PRC) would never rise to supremacy or conquer the world (all nations) as the most powerful country in military and all other strengths. However, who on earth will ever believe such an untrustworthy and deceptive assertion? Only the mentally retarded idiots will believe it!

(G) Circumvention, preclusion, elimination and ostracism of people outside their social circles: the Han Chinese people’s mindsets are deeply embedded with hatred, seeds of circumvention, seeds of ostracism and preclusion of out-group people. Their hatred to outsiders can never be settled so revenges on others are ever aggravating and exaggerating! The evilest and most cunning Hong Kong SAR Government, the HKSAR Chief Executive's Office and all top HKSAR government officials, particularly all those working in the bureaus, police force and Department of “Justice” (the above are the ultimate criminals and conspirers of the Killing networks) never settle for less hatred and vengeance. Heinously and impudently, the HKSAR Government, especially those in great power, have been colluding with the registry of the University of Hong Kong (HKU); some HKU Professors; the HKU Faculty of Dentistry; most HKU BDS students; some HKU students and graduates; the MTRC and many of its employees; Tommy Chow’s family, relatives and friends; all other departments and civil servants of the HKSAR Government……,etc. to plot more than 27946 times of murder attempts, tortures, torments, illegal prosecutions (aiming at murdering) and harms on me, and indirectly to my 4 other family members. In the past one and a half year, the HKSAR, not limited to those mentioned above, incessantly and infinitely chased after me for killing me rather indirectly and anonymously! They have never given up or abandoned to seek “deadly” revenges on me notwithstanding, they have in reality been destroying and devastating themselves and all other individuals and institutions in Hong Kong SAR! One of the “deadly” weapons of the HKSAR Government is to demonize, dehumanize and defame me, putting me in absolute disadvantage in daily life activities. Their psychology and personality are so terribly perverted, distorted and corrupted.
(H) Arrogance, pretentiousness and insolence: The Han Chinese people are predominantly arrogant and pretentious. They instinctively admire and adore their superiorities such as the Government and its officials, the upper class, the wealthy, the powerful and influential class, often with shameless and tactical bootlicking and adulation. Vice versa is also true. The Han Chinese are predominantly disrespectful, insulting, impertinent and insolent towards their inferior compatriots, essentially the poor, the impoverished, the poverty and misery stricken, the powerless, the grassroots, the diseased, the patients with mental disorders and other disabilities. If you compare these national characteristics with the Killing Networks, you will be amazed by the perfect match – the topmost and supreme superiority in HKSAR is the HKSAR Government and its top officials, in particular the Chief Executive and the commissioners and managements of bureaus and departments; whereas I am among the most inferior grassroots who are essentially poor, impoverished, poverty and misery stricken, completely powerless, diseased and with mental disorders. I, along with my family and many grassroots in HKSAR, have been suffering intolerably and tortured cruelly and brutally under the tyranny of the HKSAR Government and the upper classes of HKSAR.
To illustrate with History of Han Chinese, the HKSAR resembles the tyrannous emperor’s dynasties and kingdoms in ancient China. The emperor, the role of which is taken by the Chief Executive and the topmost HKSAR Government officials, ruled in absolute tyranny and abuse of power. They can do whatever recklessly with no fear of the consequences, and their words were “laws” by which all grassroots have to abide. To paraphrase, they are not governed by laws but laws were doomed to be their deadly weapons against their inferiorities. The ministers were the second layer of power. They kissed the emperor’s feet (bootlicking) but abused their powers on their subordinates. The ministers were usually followed by the eunuch, who colluded with their superiors and abused their powers. The same phenomenon applies to the police force, which are inferior to the eunuch. The abuse of power descends down the social status hierarchy, to other civil servants, businessmen, the affluent to the middle class, and finally to the grassroots who are no more than fleshes on the dishes. Undoubtedly, I am the “grassroots” out of the “grassroots” so even other grassroots in HKSAR have heavily tormented and bullied me.
Using chess as an example, the “rating” of a piece corresponds to the “power” it gains and its social status under the hierarchy. The king is overwhelmingly powerful that it is beyond rebellion and challenges. It is followed by the queen (rating: 9) who can abuse her power since she gains excessive powers. The queen commands the rooks (rating: 5); the rooks override the bishops (rating: 3.3) which colludes with the knights (rating: 3); all of the privilege classes abuse their power on the pawns (rating around 1). The pawns bully and torment the citizens who are rated 0. And I am rated with a negative number such that even the null-rated citizens plot murder conspiracies on me!!! How sorrowful this is!!
(I) Social injustice, inequalities and unfairness: the Han Chinese people are predominantly deficient in self-esteem, justness and righteousness, so that the Han Chinese people commonly lack the concept of equality and respect. “If I do not override you, you will override me and beat me up!”, said them. The courtesy, social manners and etiquette in Chinese communities are highly hypocritical and deceitful. When a Chinese national treats you courteously and respectfully, they will speak ill of you at your back (when you are not present). This coincides with my explanation in (F) that the Chinese Communist Party and its officials are extreme hypocrites – The Premier of PRC Wen Jiabao is among the best actors, performers, political artists and hypocrites in disguise in the world. All the literatures, etiquettes and courtesies of the CCP top officials of PRC are sanctimonious, specious, canting, fraudulent and delusive. This provides the grounds that your nation must now ally with the United States in all aspects, particularly in military cooperation with the United States military forces. All your military forces must be target at China, and prepare to crack down on probable China’s evil and atrocious invasion, vexation, military irritation and intrusion (which are all illegal, illegitimate and heinous). Your nations must not “battle with” China with wars, which are catastrophes and strictly prohibited. Your nations can tackle China without wars and with peaceful strategies, such as economic and commercial sanctions, amendments of law legitimizing the discrimination against Chinese, treating Chinese people as non human but devils, inhibition of the learning of Chinese languages and characters….., etc. There are thousands of strategies that your nation can employ to “combat” China peacefully (without wars) and I will give many suggestions in another attachment.
(J) The Han Chinese civilization has been rather and very procrastinated, lagging behind and straggled compared to other civilizations in the world: They never know or learn the universal moral and social values of Western civilizations in Europe, America and Oceania. The Han Chinese people habitually abuse the “rights of freedom”, which, according to them, is an infinite expansion of their rights of freedom, even though the Han Chinese bleach other people's rights in expense of their reckless and malevolent crimes. They mistakenly believe that I will end up with suicide or being killed by “accidents”. In their opinion, by no means I can survive through all the heaven gates to fight back on them rigorously today. As I am the most “inferior” in HKSAR, mercy and sympathy are not applicable to me, and I “deserve” all the miseries and prosecutions, as contended by Hong Kong Chinese people. It can be interpreted in this way: the uncivilized, savage and brutal mindsets and values held by the Hong Kong Chinese people make it so foolish and idiotic for the Hong Kong SAR Government and all HKSAR upper class in power if they do not abuse their powers. This points out that the tyranny of Hong Kong SAR Government and the upper class (such as media, property dealers, bigwigs, the MTRC, the franchised or monopolized corporations) will never settle for less, but aggravate to the final extent that Hong Kong SAR become a chaos.
(K) Prejudice, discrimination, injustice and inequality are extremely severe: This coincides with social injustice and aggravated power abuse down the social and power status hierarchy in HKSAR described in (H) & (I) and is my elaborations on (H) & (I). Examples of discriminations in HKSAR and most Han Chinese are:
(i) Sexual discrimination, racism (racial discrimination) and discrimination against disabilities and family status are very common. Racism against Chinese nationals (for your nation) is an exception to bleaching of laws as it is found mandatory and compulsory to discriminate against Chinese so that your nation remains safe and not invaded and intruded illegally by China military forces. In fact, sometimes the above discriminations to a moderate extent are human instincts for protecting themselves and their races. For example, racism against Chinese nationals is highly beneficial and necessary to fight against the immersion of Chinese nationals to your nation by immigration and thus the destruction and devastation to your nation and your race. Apart from racism which is against Chinese is mandatory, the other three types of discriminations should be monitored and reduced in such a way that all stakeholders are benefited in a great extent. For example, you cannot say that sexual discrimination exists if the female civil servants account for less than 50%. The world is imperfect. Yet, the difference of the number of male and female civil servants should be reduced and reach an acceptable level.
(ii) Discrimination against diseased and patients with mental disorders: This is very ubiquitous in the Han Chinese communities. They habitually strongly discriminated against the diseased and patients with mental disorders. This discrimination is among the most severe around the globe. They try their best to keep a distance from, eliminate, torture or evil kill these people with physical and/or mental diseases. They hardly ever treat them with the least sympathy and compassion. The Hong Kong people treat the mental and physical patients extremely cruelly, brutally, murderously and savagely.
(iii) Sexual orientation discrimination: The Hong Kong Han Chinese people are highly homophobic (phobia and hatred towards LGBT people – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and discrimination of this type is caustic, astringent and unrelenting.
(iv) District/ regional discrimination: District/ regional discrimination are unrelenting, harsh and severe in both Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR. In Mainland China, the Mandarin and Northern Han Imperialism is so severe that other Southern Han Chinese of various ethnolinguistic origins are highly discriminated and looked down upon by Mandarin Chinese speaking compatriots. Han Chinese from Beijing, Northeastern China, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Tianjin, etc. are pretentious and arrogant of their superiority over other compatriots whereas the Han Chinese in Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, etc are ashamed and humiliated of themselves. This regional “battles” are aggravated by extreme, fraudulent and sophistic chauvinism and fanatical patriotism of the Chinese Community Party (PRC) which favors the Mandarin speaking Northern Han Chinese.
In Hong Kong SAR, the MTRC is utterly evil and atrocious that it discriminates heavily against the residents and commutators in the North District. For the rest 17 districts, all the ticket gates are not stationed by “ticket inspectors”. The stations in North District have been (for 3 years) heavily stationed with “ticket inspectors” who sneer, stare, disdain at and scorn the residents in the North District who take the trash trains. The “ticket inspectors” block the pathways of passengers and try their best to impose punishment on them (the residents in North District), but all offenders in other districts are unpunished and free of any penalties because MTRC only discriminates all the residents along the railways owned previously by the KCRC. In lines originally owned by MTRC, there are no “ticket inspectors” for many years since they are highly “privileged” and “high class”. That is why I will impose EXTREME and deadly penalties on the MTRC due to this Killing Networks incidence because of its atrocity and evilness.
(v) Social Status Discrimination: In Hong Kong SAR, due to the evil and malevolent nature of Han Chinese, extreme capitalism and the uncontrollability and excessive autonomy of the SAR, the Hong Kong society is highly segregated into extreme social status hierarchy of which the gradient is the steepest among the world, resembling the tyranny in ancient Han Chinese dynasties. As I mentioned in (H), each class of the hierarchy kneel down and bootlick their seniorities and abuse their powers on their junior classes. There is an old Chinese proverb:” Kind and compassionate people are bullied and tormented by the wicked and powerful, but the gods and goddesses do not and they help to just the latter.” This is simply imaginary and unrealistic that in reality, there are so many illegal bullies and torments in Chinese communities that the legal systems do not function as how the laws are written.
(vi) Idolatry, idolism, worship of the powerful, the Government figures and the wealthy and upper classes – this will be explained in the subsequent paragraph.
(L) Idolatry, idolism, worship of the powerful, the Government figures and the wealthy and upper classes – and to be worldly wise and play safe:
This is the consequence of the steep gradient of social status hierarchy in Han Chinese communities as explained in (H), (I), (J) and (K). The tyrants of HKSAR Government, in particular the Chief Executive of HKSAR and his officers and subordinates, are the ultimate commanders of murder attempts, tortures and killing conspiracies on me in the Killing Networks. They have been taking advantage of the national characteristics of idolatry of powers and the tendency to be worldly wise and play safe. The HKSAR Government deters and warns the Hong Kong people against unveiling the Killing Networks to me by intimidating them with capturing them, imprisonments, legal prosecutions and other legal consequences. The Hong Kong Han Chinese people have been stringently and undoubtedly obey the “Killing” and “Murdering” commands and orders by the HKSAR Government on me, and indirectly on my family, by virtue of fear of themselves getting imprisoned or punished by the HKSAR Government. In order to preserve their lives and escape from legal penalties, they can sacrifice anybody else's life in exchange, such as the ten thousands of unscrupulous murder and torment attempts on me.

(M) Unscrupulous, mercenary, perfidious: Chinese (Han) are immensely selfish, mercenary, scandalous, egomaniac and egocentric. For their own benefits, the Han Chinese do the most unscrupulous, shameful and “illegal” deeds and conspiracies, by all means and at the expense of depriving other people of accessing their own interests and human rights. Using politics as example, China (The People’s Republic of China & the Chinese Communist Party) deliberately distort the Chinese history by stating that they are entitled to all the territories owned by Ancient China and their entitlements to most of the territories are due to inheritance from Ancient China. In fact, in Chinese history, the Han Chinese’s territories were constantly changing and that there is no such concept of “China”. In other words, “China” does not exist but it is just a collective term used to describe all the ancient dynasties of the Han Chinese, Tibetans (non-Chinese), Altaic people, Mongolian, Mandarin and all other non-Han Chinese ethnic groups. All these ancient ethnic groups’ sovereign countries/ nations, together with the size of their territories have always been continuously and endlessly changing. For instance, when the Han Chinese built the Han Dynasty, the Tibetan and Altaic people had their own countries and they are enemies to the ancient Han Chinese people, and all these non-Chinese people were never ruled (or “intruded”) by the Han Chinese. In fact, the ancient Han Chinese’ dynasties had many military confrontations with the non-Han Chinese dynasties. This shows that “China” is just a collective term describing all the dynasties constructed by ancient people of different sovereign states and nations. The Chinese Communist Party has always been distorting the historical facts in such a way that the CCP gets the greatest benefits and the largest size of both land and marine territories. In fact, the CCP must disintegrate and all the territories (both land and marine) are not legitimate, because no people have granted the CCP the authority to own the “China” regions of the world, and they maintain their tyrannous and brutal power by its military, “police”, socio-economic powers & forces. The CCP is the most sophisticated, sinister and bad government in the Chinese history, and they are utterly devils.
Another example is the spy (spies) working for the Chinese Communist Party. These spies are worldly famous for their extreme competencies, and the powerful, strong and invincible spying works carried out. The reason is that the Han Chinese people are terrible and unscrupulous, but they are diligent and intelligent! They are like evil claws of the Mankind that they have always been threatening the whole Mankind’s safety and civilizational standards.
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, especially the power of the Department of “Justice”, the Police Force, the Chief Executive (Tsang Yam Kuen)'s Office and its civil servants, are the core participants of the 21st Century murder network. They can be compared to the eunuchs of the Ming Dynasty empire of “China”, who abuse their powers by grasping, killing and slaughtering civilians). Those Hong Kong people are like the "eunuchs" (the emperor's minions), obeying the tyrannous commands and orders of the evil emperors.
(X) Extreme selfishness and snobbery: The Han Chinese are the world's most selfish and snobbish people. The Han Chinese are the extremely mercenary and selfish, who always want to maximize their wealth and territories. Between 1911 to 1949, the Kuomintang government was very corrupted and its soldiers are split into different parties. They were defeated by the Chinese Communist Party because of non-cooperation and infighting. The CCP, after 1949, was so GREEDY that it illegally invaded the Kuomintang’s territories and overturned Kuomintang’s rule in the Mainland. It claimed that (which is ridiculous and illegitimate) the East Turkestan, Tibet, and other non-Han Chinese regions are “inseparable” parts of China, brutally killing those right wings and human rights activists. The CCP never allow the East Turkestan, Tibet, and other non-Han Chinese regions “True and Highly Autonomy”. The so-called “Autonomy” in the East Turkestan, Tibet, and other non-Han Chinese regions has always been window- dressing until now. The minorities have been tortured, tormented, brainwashed and killed illegitimately (as abided by international laws and treaties). However, when CCP wants to get MORE lands and marine territories which were not owned by CCP, such as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, they “grasp” them by allowing them to be “Highly Autonomous” and these new territories are entitled with the privilege of setting up “Special Administrative Regions”. Now, Wen Jianbao (The Premier of CCP, PRC) claimed that China will not rise to supremacy over the whole world, but the fact is that the CCP have been increasingly and progressively unyielding in its conflicts with other claimants of the South China Sea and the East China Sea. In fact, China does not exist and the CCP is so outrageous that it wants to illegitimately occupy and invade these economic resources of Spratly Islands in the South China Sea and the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, let alone the fact that it is illegally occupying the whole China which were essentially owned by Kuomintang and other separate sovereign states such as Tibet and East Turkestan!
The above link proves that “China does not exist at all.” and that “China is just a collective term to describe the dynasties constructed by Han Chinese. It does not include the dynasties constructed by ancient Tibetans, ancient East Turkestan, ancient Altaic people, ancient Mongolians and ancient Manchu. However, the relationships between these non-Han Chinese sovereignties with Han Chinese sovereignties are core parts of the “Chinese History” documentaries.
(N) Extremely evil, sinister and atrocious: The Han Chinese, among all other ethnic groups in the world, are most evil, sinister, cruel and merciless. Their foul languages are utterly sinister and bitter. In English, the most typical foul language is "Fuck you!" In Chinese (Mandarin Chinese), it is not insulting enough to rape others, and so they invent "Fuck/ Rape your mother!", because in the Chinese tradition the mothers are more important than the person oneself. In Cantonese Chinese, they even think that it is not cruel and humiliating enough to say "Fuck/ Rape your mother!", thus they say "Fuck your mother's nasty and smelly breasts!” There are still many examples in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese in which the foul languages are much humiliating and insulting than their correspondences in English or your national languages.

(P) Judgments heavily biased to interpersonal relationships:
When the Han Chinese make judgments or perspectives in many incidents, they will be heavily biased to the persons with whom they have good interpersonal relationships. Taking the 21st Century Killing Networks as an example, the HKU BDS2014 did not care about the facts or truths, but they are heavily prejudiced towards me, simply because I am Billy Hung. Just because you are Billy Hung, whatever you do we would reject and counteract against it! The Han Chinese are inclined towards In-group people, and disfavor and repel against the Out-group people. Here comes an interesting phenomenon: why are the Hong Kong people sympathetic and compassionate towards the “killers” but not to me? The answers are that I am the “Out-group person” but all the Hong Kong “Killers” are aggregated Interest group. "Compassion" is just a fraudulent delusion of “Selfishness”. I was demonized to be a “hungry shark”, but the fact is that the Killers are the sharks and I am just a little shrimp.
In conclusion, what makes Hong Kong so chaotic, straggle, lagging behind and deteriorating – is the evil and heinous roots deeply rooted in the mindsets of Han Chinese, which take over the British cultural influences of taming and docile of the Han Chinese. Hong Kong SAR, especially after 2000, has launched devastating and excessive decolonization and Han Chinese characterizing. In other words, the “One Country, Two Systems” policy leads to failure and dismay, causing devil roots of Han Chinese dominating the whole society.
Same rationales are applied to the Mainland China. The reasons for the Chinese Communist Party and the government (rather illegitimate and illegal) of the illegal People’s Republic of China to be so evil, horrible, sinister, greedy, shameless, immoral, arbitrary, dictatorial and peremptory; are: The Han Chinese are innately deplorable, cheap, shameless, abhorrent, abominable, despicable, fraudulent, ignorant, selfish ... you can substitute all forms of shortcomings of all mankind into the description of the Han Chinese people. They are instinctively born with minimal or NO compassion, conscience of right and wrong, moral integrity, nor creditworthiness. Their mindsets are corroded, tarnished and tampered with the brainwashing doctrines of the Communists.

Last but not least, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been so dynamite and proficient in governing and controlling people’s minds, being the younger generations through political, ideological and linguistic prototyping and infiltration in schools and kindergartens: embedding the non-differentiation of patriotism and “CCP worship and superstition”; enforcing Mandarin to be the only medium of instruction in education so that students’ mother tongues (Chinese languages such as Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien) are alienated; students’ perspectives and moral integrities are twisted and impregnated with Rouge concepts, etc. These constitute threats and hazards to the Mankind because the younger generations of PRC are heavily brainwashed with twisted “patriotism” (CCP worship) and they are on par with the most evil and heinous CCP.

NOTE— Jeremy Hung is a student at Hong Kong University.

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  1. Well written Mr. Hung, so much content and so much to share. With all modern tech., the younger Chinese generation ought to come out of their evil culture and blend with democracy. I do not think they can survive long with CCP mentality with today's world.

  2. in conclution he should have added that.. "in the spirit of consistancy if all that what i had just wrote is not true then i wouldn't have writen this long article in the first place"