Flop China, discourage self-immolations

China has been blaming the Dalai Lama, and his exile alias for the fiery wave of self-immolations that hit the entire Tibetan plateau in the Himalayan regions, and the Dalai Lama and his exile group have taken a neutral stand on the fiery fire protests though the Dalai Lama and his exile group strongly denied to be behind the fiery protests.

Discouraging not to embrace the fiery protest will vehemently speak the simple truth that exile Tibetans including the Dalai Lama are not behind the fiery protests, rather provoked by the Chinese policies for Tibetans inside Tibet which are repressive, and discriminative in nature.

The toll of Tibetan self-immolations inside Tibet has reached 49, and still counting. However, Tibetans in exile are becoming used to the fiery protests and researchers speculate that exile Tibetans are likely to be irked than inspired and join the fiery forces inside Tibet.

Generally, exile Tibetans are fond of being fancy, and loved to be labeled as ‘peaceful Buddhists’ though there is going a casual war inside Tibet where their own brothers and sisters are becoming the victims of the war.

Forgetting that the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of Chenrizig (one of the god of the gods in Tibetan Buddhism), Tibetans in exile have the tendency to think that all of them can truly stay tuned to the teachings of the God.

Tibetans in exile have to understand that everybody in this world wants Gandhis but nobody wants to be Gandhis. Their humble and polite charismatic in nature have helped these exiles in building a very healthy and cozy exile community from nothing.

Sadly, the beautiful image that these Tibetans have created in the eyes of the westerners, in a way becoming a ‘trap’ for themselves in the end – they are afraid that if they come out of their Buddhist principles, they might lose the funds that they enjoy from US and else.

Speaking at a community gathering, Jamyang Norbu, a Tibetan independence advocate pointed out that Tibetans have to understand that almost all the countries in the west and east including United States of America and India are based on multi-party groups, not a mono party country.

“Left hand, right hand— there is always a way to lobby the leaders—fighting for freedom is like a football game, and we need strategies to play the game,” the advocate said, adding that Tibetans in exile have to plan, strategize their movements instead of just responding to the happenings inside Tibet.

Candle light vigils and demonstrations are part of our freedom movement, but we need to do something bigger, something more powerful, Jamyang noted down the line in the hearts of the audiences at the gathering weeks back.

In fact, freedom struggle is like martial arts, we have to know the pin points to hit the enemy, Norbu said in firm determination and cheer smiles.

Yes, it is high time for Tibetans to be pragmatic and dance in accordance to the rhythm of world politics – after all Tibetans are also human beings, living on this green planet.

NOTE-- The author of the article is an Indian journalist who has submitted the article to TIBET TELEGRAPH on the condition of anonymity

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  1. Agree with J. Norbu la's POV but we all know the power of China! Ofcourse we all wish to have FREE TIBET!

  2. We know Jamyang lak always speaks big but does very little

  3. Jamyang la is a great writer and critic. Critic's job is to criticise. Lets not forget many years of Jamyang la's service to RTYC and many other orgs. so far.