An Open Letter To Sachin Tendulkar

Dearest Sachin,

If Cricket is religion, Sachin is god
A warm Tashi Delek from your biggest Tibetan fan (perhaps). I am writing this open letter on the very occasion of you scoring the much awaited 100th century in the international cricket.16th march the day which I will never gonna forget,the day which I’ll celebrate as a festival,the day which you gave millions of your fans a reason to smile.I would like to Congratulate you on behalf of all the Tibetan fans for reaching this milestone which I think can never be broken.

I still remember the innings at Sharjah on 22nd April 1998.The live telecast of that innings still cherishes me which I cannot forget and I have watched so many times on youtube.The way you smashed the Aussies all over the ground and took India into the finals was just outstanding and I myself rate that innings of yours as  the best innings.You are not just a cricketer which I admire but as Sachin as a person I admire you as my role model and an inspiration to all. The immense hard work and dedication you showered throughout your life is what I try to enhance within myself.
Whenever I learn about the Motivation theory its not the Maslow’s Theory or Mc Gregor’s Theory but the Sachin’s Sharjah Theory.That particular innings is a perfect example of the motivation theory as it ponders that whatever the situation is,whether you’re alone or not you can always succeed with the will power,determination and to cope up with pressure situation.The very particular innings motivates me to large extent in my life that hard work,determination and will power will eventually leads to success.Although there have been days where you lost your form and were not able to score runs which you normally do at ease,the shoulder injury which shook the entire nation and top of that many experts and former players declared that your time is now over,You proved them wrong ,you proved to the world “nothing is impossible” and now the world is saluting your passion for the game.

You might not be aware how many of Tibetan people admire and love you.Here by this open letter I am just the voice of all my Tibetan friends who truly respect and appreciate you as a human being.For instance you proved that ,when you rejected the cash rich endorsement for a liquoir brand which speaks it all about you.Thus as for the Tibetan people like us ,a sportsperson ,a legend,an icon ,inspirer,motivator like you can surely make a difference in our struggle for freedom struggle and if you someday get time to surf internet and in case by chance got to read this piece of article please, please convey our message to whole world about the Tibetan issue (,,

Wishing you a many many hearty congratulations on the 100th century in international cricket and we are optimistic that we will witness many more of those in days to come.Once again thanks for all the inspiration and motivation to millions of fans on this planet.All the Best for future.

Yours Vehement Fan

Tenzin Migmar Khangpa

NOTE-- Tenzin Migmar is a student of in International Business and Finance at Madras University, Chennai.

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  1. wow Migmar, that's an awesome letter.....