CTA reports environmental degradation in Tibet

DHARAMSHALA, September 7; A report in Tibetan on the climate change released by the Central Tibetan Administration last week said that Tibetan plateau is facing environmental degradation and condemns the Chinese government.
Due to China's extensive mineral extraction, deforestation, and unscientific contruction of highways and railways in the name of development, Tibetan plateau is facing ecological destruction, said the report.

The report titled "A synthesis of recent science and Tibetan research on climate change" was released by the Tibetan prime minister, Lobsang Sanjay, coinciding the occasion of the Tibetan Democracy Day on September 2.

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh (CM), Prem Kumar Dhumal who was the chief guest for the day also second the prime minister that both the Himalayan sides facing environmental problems and riks of global warming.

"The melting of Himalayan glaciers in Tibet and Himachal Pradesh at an alarming rate have become a matter of high concern for climate experts," the chief guest said.

Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness, the Dalai Lama also expressed concern over the issue at a function held in Orrissa, south India, last year.

"Global warming is a major problem that the world is facing today and the Tibetan plateau is already facing its impact," His Holiness said.

The glaciers are melting at a faster rate than it is perceived to be. So, it is an urgent to address the issue, he urged.

The temperature rise in the Himalayan area is twice the global average, resulting in quicker environmental degradation and drastic climate change, said the report.

The report further said that the reference of the "Tibetan Plateau as ‘The Third Pole’ and ‘The Water Tower of Asia’ in recent times" is a clear indication of "its significance."

It also recommmends the upper and lower riparian countries to have a water sharing treaty and calls for making The Third Pole an exploitation-free zone.

"Exploitation free zone would benefit not only Tibetans, but the world as a whole," the report said.

The actual report in English version was launched on 15th Conference of Parties at Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009.

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