TWA’s official statement on the case of extreme assault on a Tibetan woman by fellow Tibetans in Tenzinghang

The Tibetan Women’s Association remains appalled, shocked and dismayed over the July 16 case of assault on a Tibetan in the remote region of Tenzinghang, 160 kms from Bomdilla in Arunachal Pradesh with a population of 800 people in four camps.

In a horrendous turn of events, the perpetrators apparently beat the victim and then stripped her naked and forcibly took her in her naked form to a public viewing in the main market abusing her, much to the utter dismay of the public.
Such cases indicate the ensuing violence against Tibetan Women and the need to create a gender sensitive society. This case has even raised furor from our homeland and writer Jamyang Kyi has condemned such acts and expressed concern over the prevalence of such violent discrimination against Tibetan Women.

TWA’s vice president Samten Chodon along with staff Tenzin Dickey is visiting Tenzinghang in the end of August to assess the situation and to offer support to the victim.

We will issue a post-visit report detailing our observations and our actions.

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