Beijing wants talk with Delhi while revamping its navy power

China's first ever aircraft carrier that launched last week
By Tendar Tsering

DHARAMSHALA (August, 12) ; While helping Pakistan to launch the satellite and revamping its own navy power in the Indian ocean by launching an aircraft carrier, China signaled India for a talk on the Indian ocean earlier in the week.

"China wants to claim its share of influence in the Indian Ocean- direct engagement with India and sideline with US. Probably, it is an act of preemptive." tweets Tsering Tsomo, a Tibetan journalist based in Delhi.

D S Rajan, the director of Chennai Center for China Studies said that china wants India to initiate the talk to get more acceptability from the Indian ocean rim nations.

"China wants India to lead the initiatives on cooperation mechanism on Indian ocean sea-lanes, so that China's real motives with respect to the Indian ocean will not be questioned by the Indian ocean rim nations." Said the director.

Being asked, Rajan said that India's aircraft carrier plans will have to be decided on the basis of existing naval environment and security perceptions in the region.

"China's air craft career program is related to its march towards developing a 'blue water' navy and doesn't appear directly connected to the proposed Indian Ocean initiative."Rajan said "China's aircraft carrier program will continue but it still has a long way to go. No immediate challenge to India is visible."

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