Education is the only remedy to tackle corruption

With democracy at the constitution with no knowledge by the general masses and capitalism in the market, people are naturally prone to accept bribes and give bribes to make things to be done easily in a quicker way.
Corruption is rooted everywhere in India starting from the police to the politicians. It is a disease and the only remedy to cure this disease is to educate and re-sculpture the minds of the people.
Even the media people who are supposed to be the watch dogs of the nation are also accepting bribes starting from the production launches by the companies to a press conference at the press club. Serving lunch, and offering free pens and bags are the step ups for a journalist to become a paid journalist.

Anti corruption agencies are needed to set up in the states and at the central government, who will be like watch dogs and do some sort of surprise checks on the accounts of government organizations, offices and schools, etc.

Yet, such agencies and surprise checks won’t be a help for long term. For long term and for a free corruption country, education is the only remedy ahead in the offing.

So, the education has to be given not only to the children but to the adults also.

Government, non government, all organizations have to cooperate to tackle this disease. Only then, India can have a free corruption nation and thereby, a super power nation.

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  1. Most of the communities in the entire Indian sub-continent(such as Bengali) are succumbed in ‘Culture of Poverty'(Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is genuinely regret ed or ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying general quality of life, worst Politico-admin system, bad work place, weak mother language, continuous consumption of common social space (mental as well as physical, both). We are becoming fathers & mothers only by self-procreation, mindlessly & blindfold(supported by some lame excuses). Simply depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a decent, caring society, fearless & dignified living. Do not ever look for any other positive alternative behaviour (values) to perform human way of parenthood, i.e. deliberately co-parenting children those are born out of ignorance, extreme poverty. It seems that all of us are being driven only by the very animal instinct. If the Bengali people ever be able to bring that genuine freedom (from vicious cycle of ‘poverty’) in their own attitude, involve themselves in ‘Production of Space’ (Henri Lefebvre), an intense attachment with the society at large - one different pathway has to create to overcome inherent 'hopeless' psyche; decent, rich Politics will definitely come up. – Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah-711101, India.