The Egyptian spark that failed to ignite the Tibetans

The Tibetan world outside Tibet is small enough that only one site like phayul keeps us all informed what is happening in our society, and tweeting is the only mode which connects us all to each other no matter where we live, and it would not be exaggerating to say that every Tibetan youth outside Tibet owns a hi5 or face book account but then, why the wave of revolution in Arabic world couldn’t really reach our people?
Two years back, Tibetans from school children to college students, cooks to the administrators in the government, and nunneries to the monasteries, all actively used the Beijing Olympic opportunity to raise their voice against the Chinese communist government, and started revolutions throughout Tibet. 

 As usual, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forced all the existing foreign news agencies out of China, and ordered the national news channels to telecast the news in a very different way. The scene of CCP police beating the Tibetan revolutionaries is reported as clashes, and the revolutions as riots. 

This time, the viral of revolution in the Arabic world has not reached us ‘Tibetans’ but it has triggered the media censorship in China in fear of catching the cold from the virus of Arabic revolution. The Chinese government is always clever enough to either block the media or mislead in advance before the un-fabricated news reaches the common masses.

Chinese people in China have no idea what is happening in Egypt, and so are Tibetans in Tibet, of course.

Sensitive news                                                                                                                                  
The Chinese government labels ‘sensitive news’ something which is potentially a threat to the government of CCP, and the CCP knows how to twist the news and snatch away the public’s right to discuss it. That’s what they did in 2008, and what they are doing now!
We were not born to protest nor to revolutionize, but we are forced to flee our country and wander in a land that is not ours. Yet, none of us are patient enough to remain in our host countries forever because we know how hard it is to be a guest for years.
We are fated to be here outside Tibet scattered like “sheep on a mountain ranges”, and our guru Dalai Lama might seem the only shepherd which bonds us all together and keeps the spirit of Tibet alive. But it is more than that, it is the common blood ‘Tibetan-ness’ within ourselves and the everlasting dream to see ‘Tibet returning back to Tibetans’. The dream will no longer remain as dream, and it will be turned into reality sooner or later.

The Egyptian revolution

The revolution in Egypt started with one woman leaving a note on face book calling for a gathering at Tahrir Square on a particular specified date, and later on, the massive revolution happened by joining one person after another.
Mubarak, the “Mao in our generation” was forced to quit his 30 years old dictatorial office, and now a strong, peaceful and healthy democratic Egypt is in the offing with the approach of USA’s transparent and open friendship. That’s crystal clear from the Obama’s speech that he gave days back.

It is so heartwarming to see Egyptians from all spares of life, Christians forming a human-chain at Tahrir Square to protect their Muslims, and joining together and marching forward to over throw the 30 years dictator-ship and ‘yes’, it’s an unforgettable lesson that the spirit of humanity knows no caste, no religion and no border. 

This is of course, a warning-bell to all unjust and despotic rulers across the globe that the brutality and dictatorship won’t work in this 21st century.
The government of China has heard the warning bell but our people haven’t heard the alarm bell to spark an equal revolution inside Tibet. Not yet.
The truth is, it is obviously difficult to start a revolution in Tibet by the Tibetans because the flow of information from outside Tibet into Tibet is very much narrow, and almost always behind closed door.

The American sponsored Radio Free Asia in Tibetan version is the radio and only channel which reaches Tibet, and this channel is the only channel through which Tibetans outside Tibet can pass information to Tibetans inside Tibet or inspire their brethrens inside Tibet to revolt against the communist party of China.

I must admit that this time, we failed to use the climate of revolution to revolutionize a revolution in our own country ‘Tibet’.
Why we missed the spark
why we are unable to start a revolution with the help of multimedia, and why we couldn’t use the Arabic revolution sparks to light a big demonstration back in Tibet?

Its unquestionable, that the rule in Tibet is so strict that people inside Tibet won’t be in a position to strengthen and empower each other to start a revolution but we the Tibetans who are outside Tibet, and well connected to the digital world could have shared our ideas and empower ourselves and at least could have used this Arabic revolution sparks to start a parallel revolution inside our country ‘Tibet’ against the CCP. Alas we failed to do that!
That reasons could be the Chinese media censorship, harsh political rules inside Tibet, the far distance from Arabic world to this side of world, and the difference in culture and others might suggest low Tibetan population, and difference in the nature of revolution. But, I believe we failed to use this spark because we are lost in our own world. Unnecessarily criticizing, and creating defamation against each other for the Kalontripa election (prime minister) though the candidates themselves constantly requested their supporters not to criticize the other opponents. The Karmapa scam or Karmapa conundrum is the extra magnet which emotionally distracted the attention of Tibetans, and they got lost in their own small world fighting for the Kalontripa post and trying to deal with the day to day nuisances of a refugee’s life.


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