Not a red robed prime minister

Chennai; January 10—His Holiness the Dalai Lama doesn’t want an old and red robe dressed prime minister like him, said Yangdrung Tenzin, the president of Tibetan Regional Youth Congrss, Bangalore.

Tibetans in exile are busy in campaigning for their 2011 prime minister election, and in fact, they have already done the preliminary election in October last year, and Lobsang Sangye, the candidate who is a Hayward Law School senior follow is in the lead and he got 10,000 votes more than the next runner up candidate.
After six decades of Tibet’s occupation, and five decades of living life in exile, now the Tibetans are readying for still some more decades of living in exile and fighting for their country.
Unlike other two previous prime minister elections, this year, every individual is taking active role in campaigning for the upcoming election, and it is crystal clear that the Tibetans are aware that they will be in exile for five more decades or more.
“Till now, our government is running by the same old men and women, and monks.” Tenzin Said “This time, we are looking for a young and layman to rule our exile government.”
The six candidates were selected for the actual election which will be held on 20th March, 2011.

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