Teachers complain of suddenly student drop outs

Shavan Kumar, an eighth standard student at Gollahali village school, Bangalore ran away from their home with Rs 2000.
Kumar’s school principal said that many school children discontinue their schooling after every holiday, and Kumar is one of the students who discontinued their schooling after one month holiday in commemorating the Dasara festival recently.
“Many children are sent to work during school holidays, and they are fascinated by the little money that they get from the work, and lose interest in studies” said Chandika Nalika, one of the teachers of Shavan Kumar at Gollahali village school.
“Kumar was my student and I knew his family also. They are poor and he was sent to work in a cement industry during last school holiday,” Said Nalika.
Mid day meal in Gollahali school is one of the main factors which draw lots of small kids from the villages to attend school, but as they grow up, families make them to work instead of continuing their studies.
 Another factor which many children are sent to school is the distribution of government bicycles to the students when these students reach eighth and ninth standard.  
This year, Gollahali School has not yet received the bicycles for the eighth standard students and the physical training teacher over there said that this might be the reason why three students did not come back to school after their Dasara holiday, this year.

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