Kashmir needs freedom from India

Kashmir was an independent nation before British invasion, and even during British colony, it was more or less a princely state. 

It is inhuman to claim that this land belongs to India or Pakistan based on the religion that the people in that country follow. Kashmir is a place where all kinds of religion co-exist: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christians, etc. They are extremely patient, understanding and peaceful in respecting and living together in that land of valleys, but it is India and Pakistan, two giant neighbors who always wages wars and destruction on this beautiful and peaceful land in the name of peace and ownership.
USA and China are also taking the advantage of the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan. For these two super power nations: China and USA, Kashmir issue is one of the best cards which they can use in dealing with India or Pakistan.
United States of America is no more interested in dealing with the Kashmir issue but they are interested in setting up call centers in India, and they are looking for cheap labors in India. Yesterday, as soon as Obama landed on Indian soil, he directly went to Hotel Taj and made not only grand presence but gave great speech on peace and terrorism and he emotionally expressed his sympathy for the loss of lives in Mumbai terrorists’ attack but he never attacked Pakistan nor mentioned any single name of the Pakistan soil trained terrorists.
Likewise, for China also, there is no reason to be interested in Kashmir issue but they are really interested in conquering the border areas including Kashmir, and they are really interested in building road, rail ways and pipe lines to Pakistan and central Asia through Jammu and Kashmir.

The Indian author turned into social activist, Arundhati Roy strongly stated that India needs independence from Kashmir more than that Kashmir needs independence from India.
It is true. India is spending millions and millions of money every month guarding the border areas with Pakistan and China and in keeping down the riots and revolts in the region. But, at the same time, Roy failed to think what will happen if India have no control over Kashmir.
If ever, Kashmir got independence from India, China will start illegally occupying the valley region step by step. If China or Pakistan got control over Kashmir, what will be the military situation towards India? At that time, India might need to spend double than what they are spending now. It is always better to think twice than to be fed up of how much spending now for the defiance of the region.
Aurondhati Roy was right that Kashmir was never ever an integral part of India and it has its own history which speaks of treaties with its neighboring countries like Tibet and Roy as a human being in a democratic country, of course she is given the freedom of speech under the constitution of article 19 (1) (a) but again as an Indian, she has some responsibilities of identity, belongingness and patriotism, and she forgot that there is an another article so called ‘article 19 (2) which forbids certain freedom of expression in the safety, security and interest of the larger nation.

She could have supported Kashmir issue and she could have comment on it as a human being but as a popular imminent Indian figure, she should not have openly stated that Kashmir is never ever an integral and inalienable part of India. This statement makes her unIndian, and a traitor of the nation. 
She can be kind, and sympathetic when it comes to individual to individual but when it comes to large context of the nation, she should think twice before speak and she should not forget that every nation in this era is very diplomatic and selfish. She should not have commented openly and now done is done but she should defend it strategically and diplomatically.

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