Development overrides caste in Bihar battle

Couple of days back, the Hindustan Times, one of the leading Newspapers in India reported “Development overrides caste in Bihar battle.”
Journalistically analyzing, neither caste overrides development nor development overrides caste, it is just politics. It is just a game between the political parties and between the politicians in Bihar.
They are just campaigning and they are just promising that they will build bridge where there is no water, and provide Television where there is no current. Everything is for vote. They are promising and promising, and people are also inclined to build castles in the air.
The reality is what the documentary ‘India Untouched’ reveals.
Its really shocking to know that caste system is still practiced in some parts of India. These Brahmins who call themselves as the purest and highest race. They are the criminals, and if India is a true democracy, constitutionally and socially, then these Brahmins should be jailed in the name of racism and discrimination.
The shame must be on the face of every Indian that this evil system still does exist up, up in the head of country ‘Jamu’ down, down to the feet of country ‘Tamil Nadu’.  Those whoever practice this evil system, it is a criminal and those who keep silence, it’s a shame!
  Its hell that certain people restrict certain people passing in the street with shoes, and it is racism that even some temples denies these lower caste people to enter the normal and usual door. Even using this word ‘lower caste’ is also not a justice. There is no lower, no upper, everybody is born without tag and will die without tag.
It might be so harsh, but if India is a genuine democracy with principles of liberty and justice, then, these temples who discriminates these so called lower caste people should be closed, and if any religious book states “lower caste is lower caste, decided by god, and they have to accept it, and practice by fate and faith”, then, such religious books should be burned. And those practice this evil system; they should be titled as criminals.
And the honor killing is also as worse as caste system. These two are more or less, interrelated and both should be completely eradicated from the land of India.
It is not only the government who needs to table rules in preventing such evil systems, but it is the peoples’ minds which need to be resculptured.  Those whoever practice such evil systems, they are the real silent terrorists, and they are the real enemies of the country.

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