This boy's name is Babu Raj, and by birth, he was tagged as an untouchable boy, because he belongs to Scheduled caste. In India, the religion 'Hindu' follows some kind of caste system where people are divided into low caste and high caste, untouchable and Brahmins.
Babu's right foot was injured as a big stone fell down on his feet when he was trying to lift it up to help his father at a road construction. Do you know what he did the first thing when his foot got injured? He pissed on his wounded foot and then, put some soils on it in order to stop the blood, and after that, he tied up the rag on his wound. This method of treatment is used in the villages where there is no clinic, and no hospital. People in the cities, in the developed countries own private hospitals, private doctors, and health insurance and what not, but see our own fellow human beings some where in this big home 'world' has no hospital, no doctors and still follow the primitive treatment like putting soil on wounded feet.
I was emotionally moved by this boy, and I was trying to be friendly with this boy. We exchanged our smiles. What else, we can do as neither he know my language nor I know his language but our smiles helped us  to understand each other. The whole night, i was wondering about this boy and that child. I was applying the same condition to my own memories back in Tibet but of course, for sure, the condition back in Tibet where i have in memories have totally changed with the rolling of time but here, this boy, that child are still in a terrible condition, no future at all, forget about health and happiness, luxuries and love. These people are  ignored by the society, out casted by the religion. So, they changed into Buddhism and they are staying not only in rural area but in an isolated area. Thousands of Indians who initially Hindus seem changed into Buddhists because of this evil system in their religion so called "caste religion", but i have a feeling it is not the draw backs of religion but certain people who misinterpret the religion for their own benefits, and all. Click here :

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