Iraq is better/safer after the removal/death of Saddam

For the people of Iraq, it might be much safer, much better, much more peaceful and much happier at least for the time being because there is no dictatorial ship as it was during Saddam’s rule. No matter how might be the torturing of USA, the torture won’t be as much as Saddam’s torture because USA is a democratic country and Saddam was a dictator. The government of USA can’t suppress the Iraqis because nowadays there are lots of independent newspapers and news channels in Iraq who are the body guards of the people in Iraq.
But then, for long time, the USA’s rule would be a disaster, a cynical and a monster in the form of an angel because they occupied Iraq in the name of liberation but in reality, they are there not to liberate but to empty the rich natural resources of Iraq. America wants oil, nothing else.
Its America’s mantra to say that they won’t tolerate the human rights violation and they attacked Saddam in the name of human rights violation, but in fact, they were not, they were not for the human rights but for the rich oil in Iraq. If America is too much concerned about human rights, why didn’t they raise voice against Chinese government’s inhuman torturing and human rights violations in Tibet? Answer is simple. Tibet does not have oil. Tibet has only snow and USA doesn’t want snow. That’s crystal clear.

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