Auto Raj acts as a Raja, not as a Raju

Bangalore: Most of the time, commuters face quarrels with auto drivers over the auto fare, but here is an auto driver popularly known as auto Raj who makes its passengers feel home at his auto while travelling.
Raj, 40, has three children to look after but still he gives free ride to the pregnant women, discount to the handicapped, and also distributes chocolates to the children.
Raj’s auto is very unique; it is decorated with flower garlands and full of beautiful quotations and most of all, a Kannanda flag over its auto.
“At first, I wrote a poem at the back side of my auto which says ‘come as strangers and go away as friends’ and I got many good comments which later on inspired me to decorate my auto in this way.” Raj said. “My passengers love reading my quotations over the auto while travelling, and I wrote all these quotes.”
Auto Raj runs his auto at in and around KG Nagar but during bans and strikes, if anyone has commuting problems, one can call up his number 9343586914 and he will be there within minutes.
“Once on a strike, I dropped the police commissioner and his wife to the hospital and even, Anand Kumar, the BJP, Member of Parliament has taken a photo with my auto,” said Raj.
Asked if he doesn’t face any problem from the RTO or traffic police for decorating his auto with flower garlands over the auto window, he said “no, no, no one stops me, everyone knows me and supports me.”
Even he showed the name cards of polices and all to a weekly observer reporter and he said “even the other auto drivers are afraid of me because of these name cards.”
When our weekly observer reporter showed the photo of Raj’s decorated auto to the Regional Transport Officer, Syed Shafi Ahmed, he said “I know auto Raj but I have never seen his auto in such a decoration. It is against the rule of traffic and such decorations are not allowed unless it is on a puja or just for a photo pose.”
• Raj means King in Hindi and Raju is just a common name and Raja-Raju quote is famous in Indian films.  /

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